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Bucur, Sorinel Ionel
Bucur, Elena Carmen
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[Title:] Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania. 5th Edition of the International Symposium [Publisher:] The Research Institute for Agricultural Economy and Rural Development (ICEADR) [Place:] Bucharest [Year:] 2014 [Pages:] 20-24
The determinants of economic growth in a national economy or in an activity field were the subject of many disscusions between specialists, starting from identifying the indicators considered to be the engine of economic growth, but also to the correlations between them, and to the interpretation of the results. The aim of the present approach is to identify some factors with direct influence on economic growth in the Romanian agrofood sector. Our research used common statistical methods, on the basis of public information, from the National Institute of Statistics and National Commission for Prognosis. Regarding to the agricultural sector, were identified as indicators/factors with influence on the economic growth the following: final consumption, the value of exports, the value of production for market, variation of stocks, the value of taxes on products. Analysis of the data series of the indicators mentioned above and correlations between them reveal their involutions in terms of efficiency and productivity levels, being still far from ensuring sustainable economic growth in the agrofood sector.
influence factors
economic growth
agrofood sector
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Conference Paper
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