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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018E-commerce in agriculture: The case of crop protection product purchases in a discrete choice experimentFecke, Wilm; Danne, Michael; Mußhoff, Oliver
2019Do remotely-sensed vegetation health indices explain credit risk in agricultural microfinance?Möllmann, Johannes; Mußhoff, Oliver; Buchholz, Matthias; Kölle, Wienand
2017The disposition effect in farmers' selling behavior: An experimental investigationVollmer, Elisabeth; Hermann, Daniel; Mußhoff, Oliver
2018Comparing compliance behaviour of students and farmers: Implications for agricultural policy impact analysisPeth, Denise; Mußhoff, Oliver
2018Tax or green nudge? An experimental analysis of pesticide policies in GermanyBuchholz, Matthias; Peth, Denise; Mußhoff, Oliver
2018Online-Einkauf von Pflanzenschutzmitteln: Ein Discrete Choice Experiment mit landwirtschaftlichen Unternehmern in DeutschlandFecke, Wilm; Danne, Michael; Mußhoff, Oliver
2018I might be a liar, but not a thief: An experimental distinction between the moral costs of lying and stealingHermann, Daniel; Mußhoff, Oliver
2017The disposition effect when deciding on behalf of othersHermann, Daniel; Mußhoff, Oliver; Rau, Holger A.
2014How flexible repayment schedules affect credit risk in agricultural microfinanceWeber, Ron; Mußhoff, Oliver; Petrick, Martin
2016Analysing investment and disinvestment decisions under uncertainty, firm heterogeneity and tradable output permitsFeil, Jan-Henning; Mußhoff, Oliver