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Mikhaylova, A. Anna
Mikhaylov, Andrey S.
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[Journal:] European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences [ISSN:] 1450-2275 [Issue:] 63 February [Year:] 2014 [Pages:] 101-111
The article discusses an important issue of Russian integration into the global network cooperation in innovation. The first part of the study addresses differences in types of knowledge flows between the country of the firm-innovator and the host country. Three main directions of globalization of innovation are identified. Each of the given cases provides insights on the possible forms of cooperation and the degree of codification of new knowledge arising within the framework of the innovation process. The second part of the article is devoted to global innovation network (GIN) concept, which combines all three types of globalization of innovation. The characterizing features of GIN are highlighted. The key reasons for its formation are examined. The third section reflects research results on the degree and directions of integration of Russian companies in the world economic processes. The most promising areas of innovation networking are given. The factors contributing to the development of Russian-European cooperation network as a first step to enter the world arena and integration into global innovation networks are defined.
Global innovation network
globalization of innovation
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