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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004Does Worksharing Work? Some Empirical Evidence from the IAB PanelSimmons, R.; Schank, Thorsten; Andrews, Martyn J.
2003German works councils in the production processAddison, John T.; Schank, Thorsten; Schnabel, Claus; Wagner, Joachim
2006Gender Differences in Labor Supply to Monopsonistic Firms : An Empirical Analysis Using Linked Employer-Employee Data from GermanyHirsch, Boris; Schank, Thorsten; Schnabel, Claus
2006High wage workers and low wage firms : negative assortative matching or statistical artefact?Andrews, Martyn J.; Gill, Len; Schank, Thorsten; Upward, Richard
2007The Takeover and Selection Effects of Foreign Ownership in Germany : An Analysis Using Linked Worker-Firm DataAndrews, Martyn J.; Bellmann, Lutz; Schank, Thorsten; Upward, Richard
2005Do Works Councils Inhibit Investment?Wagner, Joachim; Schnabel, Claus; Schank, Thorsten; Addison, John T.
2002Skill-biased technological change, international trade and the wage structureKölling, Arnd; Schank, Thorsten
2005Practical estimation methods for linked employer-employee dataUpward, Richard; Schank, Thorsten; J. Andrews, Martyn
2003Productivity, investment in ICT and market experimentation: micro evidence from Germany und the USHaltiwanger, John; Jarmin, Ron; Schank, Thorsten
2006Interne Arbeitsmärkte und Einsatz temporärer Arbeitsverhältnisse : Eine Fallstudie mit Daten eines deutschen DienstleistungsunternehmensOberst, Mathias; Schank, Thorsten; Schnabel, Claus