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Guasch, José Luis
Benitez, Daniel
Portables, Irene
Flor, Lincoln
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International Transport Forum Discussion Paper 2014-18
This paper analyzes the experience, high incidence, lesson learned and reflections on the issue renegotiations in Latin America, based in the evolution of PPP contracts through the last 25 years. The paper also shows how countries via new PPP laws, regulations, norms and specific platforms can reduce the incidence and the incentives to renegotiate contracts. Based in experience in the last two decades, many countries in the region have improved renegotiation practices and regulations/framework through their PPP legislation and associated regulations, such as Peru (2008), Chile (2010), Colombia (2011) or Mexico (2012.) The preliminary findings show advances in the implementation of platforms to address renegotiations and new trends in the renegotiations of contracts particularly in complex projects and where governments are providing financial or credit enhancement, such as sharing risk or co-financing.
Renegotiation, PPP
Latin America
Concession Contracts
Incomplete Contracts
Economic Regulation
Co-Financing and Value for Money
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Working Paper

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