Hohenheim Discussion Papers in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Universität Hohenheim

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Screen for collusive behavior: A machine learning approachBantle, Melissa
2023Strategic choice of price-setting algorithmsBuchali, Katrin; Grüb, Jens; Muijs, Matthias; Schwalbe, Ulrich
2023Intermedia agenda-setting from the far right? Three case studies on spillover effects by alternative media in GermanyKlawier, Tilman
2023Unlocking the power of generative AI models and systems such as GPT-4 and ChatGPT for higher education: A guide for students and lecturersGimpel, Henner; Hall, Kristina; Decker, Stefan; Eymann, Torsten; Lämmermann, Luis; Mädche, Alexander; Röglinger, Maximilian; Ruiner, Caroline; Schoch, Manfred; Schoop, Mareike; Urbach, Nils; Vandrik, Steffen
2022Mind the gap: Effects of the national minimum wage on the gender wage gap in GermanySchmid, Ramona
2022Unraveling the spreading pattern of collusively effective competition clausesTrost, Michael
2022Migration and wage inequality: A detailed analysis for German regions over timeSchmid, Ramona
2022Occupational regulation, institutions, and migrants' labor market outcomesKoumenta, Maria; Pagliero, Mario; Rostam-Afschar, Davud
2022The return of happiness: Resilience in times of pandemicAhlheim, Michael; Kim, In Woo; Vuong, Duy Thanh
2022Technical change, task allocation, and labor unionsMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas; Brall, Franziska
2021Endogenous life expectancy and R&D-based economic growthTscheuschner, Paul
2021The collusive efficacy of competition clauses in Bertrand Markets with capacity-constrained retailersTrost, Michael
2021Entry regulation and competition: Evidence from retail and labormarkets of pharmacistsRostam-Afschar, Davud; Unsorg, Maximiliane
2021Price discrimination with inequity-averse consumers: A reinforcement learning approachBuchali, Katrin
2021The rise of Eastern Europe and German labor market reform: Dissecting their effects on employmentWalter, Timo
2021Input-output linkages and monopolistic competition: Input distortion and optimal policiesJung, Benjamin; Kohler, Wilhelm
2020Flexible work arrangements and precautionary behaviour: Theory and experimental evidenceOrland, Andreas; Rostam-Afschar, Davud
2020Automation, robots and wage inequality in Germany: A decomposition analysisBrall, Franziska; Schmid, Ramona
2020Rising longevity, increasing the retirement age, and the consequences for knowledge-based long-run growthKuhn, Michael; Prettner, Klaus
2020The scientific revolution and its role in the transition to sustained economic growthLehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle H.; Prettner, Klaus; Tscheuschner, Paul
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 139
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