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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Causal relations between knowledge-intensive business services and regional employment growthBrenner, Thomas; Capasso, Marco; Duschl, Matthias; Frenken, Koen; Treibich, Tania
2014Chinese firm dynamics and the role of ownership type: A conditional estimation approach of the Asymmetric Exponential Power (AEP) densityDuschl, Matthias; Peng, Shi-Shu
2014Regional resilience and fat tails: A stochastic analysis of firm growth rate distributions of German regionsDuschl, Matthias
2015Joint R&D subsidies, related variety, and regional innovationBroekel, Tom; Brachert, Matthias; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2013Growth dynamics in regional systems of technological activities - A SVAR approachDuschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2011Firm Growth and the Spatial Impact of Geolocated External Factors - Empirical Evidence for German Manufacturing FirmsDuschl, Matthias; Schimke, Antje; Brenner, Thomas; Luxen, Dennis
2014Modelling Firm and Market Dynamics - A Flexible Model Reproducing Existing Stylized FactsBrenner, Thomas; Duschl, Matthias
2014Motives behind the mobility of university graduates - A study of three German universitiesvon Proff, Sidonia; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2012Industry-specific firm growth and aggolmerationDuschl, Matthias; Scholl, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas; Luxen, Dennis; Raschke, Falk
2011Characteristics of Regional Industry-specific Employment Growth - Empirical Evidence for GermanyDuschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas