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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Universities as local knowledge hubs under different technology regimes - New evidence from academic patentingDornbusch, Friedrich; Brenner, Thomas
2013Collision of lions and butterflies or mutual neglect - outside the Anglo-American domain, too? The publication and citation behaviour of economic geographers and geographical economists comparedSternberg, Rolf
2013Factors explaining the spatial agglomeration of the Creative Class. Empirical evidence for German artistsAlfken, Christoph; Broekel, Tom; Sternberg, Rolf
2013Detecting Spatial Clustering Using a Firm-Level IndexScholl, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas
2013Growth dynamics in regional systems of technological activities - A SVAR approachDuschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2013Universities, Public Research and Regional Innovation Output: An Empirical Study of 19 Technologies in GermanyBrenner, Thomas; Schlump, Charlotte
2013Regional Effects of a Cluster-oriented policy measure. The Case of the InnoRegio program in GermanyBrenner, Thomas; Emmrich, Carsten; Schlump, Charlotte
2013Firm's cooperation activities: The relevance of public research, proximity and personal ties - A study of technology-oriented firms in East GermanySchlump, Charlotte; Brenner, Thomas
2013Determinants of cross-regional R and D collaboration networks: an application of exponential random graph modelsBroekel, Tom; Hartog, Matte
2013Embeddedness of regions in European knowledge networks. A comparative analysis of inter-regional R and D collaborations, co-patents and co-publicationsWanzenböck, Iris; Scherngell, Thomas; Brenner, Thomas