Diskussionsbeiträge, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin

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2019 The long-term effect of age at school entry on competencies in adulthoodGörlitz, Katja; Penny, Merlin; Tamm, Marcus
2019 Do couples pool their income? Evidence from demand system estimation for GermanyBeznoska, Martin
2019 English versus Vickrey auctions with loss averse biddersvon Wangenheim, Jonas
2019 Wer gewinnt? Wer verliert? Die Entwicklung auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt seit den frühen Jahren der Bundesrepublik bis heuteBönke, Timm; Harnack, Astrid; Wetter, Miriam
2019 Benchmarking a Blockchain-based Certification Storage SystemWickboldt, Clemens
2018 Closing ranks between prevention and management of systemic crises: A proposal to couple the ESRB with the ESMThomasius, Sebastian
2018 Estimating poverty and inequality indicators using interval censored income data from the German microcensusWalter, Paul; Weimer, Katja
2018 Deportations and the roots of gang violence in Central AmericaAmbrosius, Christian
2018 Proxy warsKonyukhovskiy, Pavel V.; Grigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 The distributional impact of social spending in PeruGaentzsch, Anja
2018 Diversity & empire: Baltic Germans & comparative developmentVitola, Alise; Grigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 Optimal procurement of a credence good under limited liabilityBester, Helmut; Yaofu, Ouyang
2018 A rural health supplement to the hookworm intervention in the American SouthFox, Jonathan; Grigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 Switching between different area systems via simulated geocoordinates: A case study for student residents in BerlinGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos
2018 Simulated geo-coordinates as a tool for map-based regional analysisGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Bömermann, Hartmut; Erfurth, Kerstin
2018 Are bootstrapped cointegration test findings unreliable?Schreiber, Sven
2018 Aristotle vs. Plato: The distributive origins of the Cold WarGrigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 Signaling versus costly information acquisitionBester, Helmut; Lang, Matthias; Li, Jianpei
2018 The information content of inflation swap rates for the long-term inflation expectations of professionals: Evidence from a MIDAS analysisHanoma, Ahmed; Nautz, Dieter
2018 Intergenerational transfers: How do they shape the German wealth distribution?von Werder, Marten
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 382
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