SAFE Policy Letters, Leibniz-Institut für Finanzmarktforschung SAFE

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2018 Why the initial regulation of financial innovations is decisive: Regulatory arbitrage and off-balance-sheet leasing in GermanyFriedrich, Jan; Thiemann, Matthias
2018 Financial stability in the EU: A case for micro data transparencyKasinger, Johannes; Pelizzon, Loriana
2018 Deutschland und EuropaIssing, Otmar
2018 Monetary policy and prudential supervision: From functional separation to a holistic approach?Goldmann, Matthias
2018 Digitalization and taxation: Beware ad hoc measuresWeichenrieder, Alfons
2018 Passt das deutsche Dreisäulensystem in eine zunehmend harmonisierte Bankenstruktur für Europa?Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2018 If you do it, do it right: The need for a common European supervisory architecture for CCPsFriedrich, Jan; Resch, Christian; Thiemann, Matthias
2017 The recalibration of the European System of Financial Supervision in regard of the insurance sector: From dreary to dreamy or vice versa?Gal, Jens; Gründl, Helmut
2017 Undermined market discipline: The role of bank rescues and bailout expectationsHett, Florian; Kasinger, Johannes
2017 Systemic risk in insurance: Towards a new approachBerdin, Elia; Sottocornola, Matteo
2017 Reformpläne bei der GrunderwerbsteuerPetkova, Kunka; Weichenrieder, Alfons
2017 Taking bail-in seriously: The looming risks for banking policy in the rescue of Monte Paschi di SienaGötz, Martin; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Tröger, Tobias
2017 How not to do banking law in the 21st centuryTröger, Tobias
2017 Karlsruhe refers the QE case to Luxembourg: Summer of loveGoldmann, Matthias
2017 Incentivizing older people to delay social security claimingMaurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2017 Financial resilience revisited: Why consistency in regulation is now paramount - across sectors and regions, and over timeAllen, Franklin; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Rey, Hélène
2016 Kurzkommentar zum Volksentscheid im Vereinigten Königreich am 23. Juni 2016Siekmann, Helmut
2016 Panama & Co: Implikationen für die SteuerpolitikWeichenrieder, Alfons J.
2015 Did emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) of the ECB delay the bankruptcy of Greek banks?Götz, Martin R.; Haselmann, Rainer; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Steffen, Sascha
2015 The effects of Contingent Convertible (CoCo) bonds on insurers' capital requirements under Solvency IIGründl, Helmut; Niedrig, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 89
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