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Shin, Dong-Hee
Yoon, Hongseok
Lee, Jaegil
Moon, Yohan
Kim, Namchul
Cho, Hoyeon
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20th ITS Biennial Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 30 Nov. - 03 Dec. 2014: The Net and the Internet - Emerging Markets and Policies
This study presents a case application of a socio-technical framework to assess and predict the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Korea. Applying a socio-technical system approach to the IoT, this paper seeks a clear understanding of how the IoT will evolve and stabilize in a smart environment. It investigates the complex interaction between social and technical aspects of the IoT, by highlighting the co-evolution, interaction, and interface, which constitute the next generation network environment. It describes the challenges in designing, deploying, and sustaining the diverse components of the IoT, and provides a snapshot of Korea's current approach to meeting this challenge. Finally, the findings of this study provide insights into these challenges and opportunities, by offering a socio-technical analysis of IoT development. The insights help to conceptualize how the IoT can be designed and situated within human-centered contexts.
Internet of Things
Contextual approach
South Korea
Socio-technical perspective
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Conference Paper
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