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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Monetary Policy Transmission, Interest Rate Rules and Inflation Targeting in Three Transition CountriesGolinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2002FDI and Trade : Exemplification of Poland and other Post-communist StatesZukrowska, Katarzyna; Gracik, Malgorzata; Pochylczuk, Anna; Sobczak, Dominik; Zombirt, Jolanta
2002Die Osterweiterung der Eurozone : Einige grundlegende Überlegungen zu Möglichkeiten und RisikenJacobsen, Hanns-Dieter; Stuchlík, Andrej
2002Modelling Inflation in EU Accession Countries : The Case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2002Labour Flexibility and Migration in the EU Eastward Enlargement Context : The Case of the Baltic StatesPaas, Tiiu; Eamets, Raul; R??m, Marit; Selliov, Rena; Jürgenson, Anne; Masso, Jaan
2002The eastward enlargement of the eurozone : state of the art reportBolle, Michael; Caétano, José; Kiander, Jaakko; Lavrač, Vladimir; Orsi, Renzo; Jacobsen, Hanns-Dieter
2002The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone : The Shaping of Capital Markets Regional Inputs on Data and StatisticMeyer, Thomas; Kiander, Jaakko; Vieira, Carlos; Vieira, Isabel; Lavrač, Vladimir; Marzo, Massimiliano
2002Regional Input : Labour MarketsKemmerling, Achim; Paas, Tiiu; Raul Eamets; R??m, Marit; Selliov, Rena; Jürgenson, Anne; Masso, Jaan
2002Exchange Rate Management and Inflation Targeting in the CEE Accession CountriesIacone, Fabrizio; Orsi, Renzo
2002The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone and Labour Market AdjustmentKiander, Jaakko; Vaittinen, Risto; Paas, Tiiu