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2020Demand response through automated air conditioning in commercial buildings – a data-driven approachDrasch, Benedict J.; Fridgen, Gilbert; Häfner, Lukas
2020Editorial: transformationGehrig, Thomas
2020Project leaders' control resources and role overload as predictors of project success: developing the job demands–resources modelLattrich, Kai-Kristina; Büttgen, Marion
2020Transactions for trading used electric vehicle batteries: theoretical underpinning and information systems design principlesBräuer, Sebastian; Plenter, Florian; Klör, Benjamin; Monhof, Markus; Beverungen, Daniel; Becker, Jörg
2020Partnering for good? An analysis of how to achieve sustainability-related outcomes in public–private partnershipsSpraul, Katharina; Thaler, Julia
2020Valuation with mixed financing strategiesDierkes, Stefan; de Maeyer, Imke
2020Success factors of academic journals in the digital ageKlus, Milan Frederik; Dilger, Alexander
2020Betting the farm and playing it safe? Hyper-core self-evaluation in decisions when managers are winning and losingHönl, Andreas; Meissner, Philip; Wulf, Torsten
2020Escalating internationalization decisions: intendedly rational, but only limitedly so?Röber, Björn
2020The multi-vehicle stochastic-dynamic inventory routing problem for bike sharing systemsBrinkmann, Jan; Ulmer, Marlin W.; Mattfeld, Dirk C.
2020Interdependence, participation, and coordination in the budgeting processWeiskirchner-Merten, Katrin
2020Understanding (non)leadership phenomena in collaborative interorganizational networks and advancing shared leadership theory: an interpretive grounded theory studyEndres, Sigrid; Weibler, Jürgen
2020Influence of different stakeholders on first-tier suppliers' sustainable supplier selection: insights from a multiple case study in the automotive first-tier industryLechler, Sabrina; Canzaniello, Angelo; Wetzstein, Anton; Hartmann, Evi
2020An ethical intuitionist account of transparency of algorithms and its gradationsHayes, Paul
2020The right digital strategy for your business: an empirical analysis of the design and implementation of digital strategies in SMEs and LSEsBecker, Wolfgang; Schmid, Oliver
2020Agency in the face of path dependence: how organizations can regain scope for maneuverFortwengel, Johann; Keller, Arne
2020Sustaining the current or pursuing the new: incumbent digital transformation strategies in the financial service industry. A configurational perspective on firm performanceDehnert, Maik
2020"Touching" services: tangible objects create an emotional connection to services even before their first useNägele, Nora; von Walter, Benjamin; Scharfenberger, Philipp; Wentzel, Daniel
2020Unicorns – what drives multibillion-dollar valuations?Bock, Carolin; Hackober, Christian
2020Editorial: The future of Business ResearchGehrig, Thomas
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 203