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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Corporate Social Responsibility in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Is it Beneficial for Top-Tier Suppliers to Market their Capability to Ensure a Responsible Supply Chain?Leppelt, Thomas; Foerstl, Kai; Hartmann, Evi
2013Measuring Willingness to Pay by Means of the Trade-off between Free Available Cash and Specific-Purpose VouchersLieven, Theo; Lennerts, Silke
2013An Integrated Inventory-Transportation System with Periodic Pick-Ups and Leveled ReplenishmentVolling, Thomas; Grunewald, Martin; Spengler, Thomas S.
2013Integrated Strategic Planning of Global Production Networks and Financial Hedging under Uncertain Demands and Exchange RatesKoberstein, Achim; Lukas, Elmar; Naumann, Marc
2013Simultaneous Vehicle and Crew Routing and Scheduling for Partial- and Full-Load Long-Distance Road TransportDrexl, Michael; Rieck, Julia; Sigl, Thomas; Press, Bettina
2013Improving Environmental Scanning Systems Using Bayesian NetworksWelter, Simon; Mayer, Jörg H.; Quick, Reiner
2013Management Research on Reciprocity: A Review of the LiteratureGöbel, Markus; Vogel, Rick; Weber, Christiana
2013Hanging Together, Together Hung? Career Implications of Interpersonal Ties Between CEOs and Top ManagersHilger, Stefan; Richter, Ansgar; Schäffer, Utz
2013A Column-Generation Approach for a Short-Term Production Planning Problem in Closed-Loop Supply ChainsSahling, Florian
2013Exact Solutions to the Symmetric and Asymmetric Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-UpRieck, Julia; Zimmermann, Jürgen