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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Information management in smart grids: Who should govern information management to balance between coordination and competition on the distribution grid level?Buchmann, Marius
2011The timing of repeated and unrepeated monopoly investment under wear and tear and demand growthBorrmann, Jörg; Brunekreeft, Gert
2014Cross-border effects of capacity mechanisms: Do uncoordinated market design policies countervail the goals of European market integration?Meyer, Roland; Gore, Olga
2012On the role of international benchmarking of electricity transmission system operators facing significant investment requirementsBrunekreeft, Gert
2014Entflechtung in Netzsektoren: Ein VergleichAbegg, Peter; Brinkmann, Michael; Brunekreeft, Gert; Götz, Georg; Krancke, Jan; Müller, Christoph; Schmidt, Claudia
2010Vertical undbundling, the coordination of investment, and network pricingBrunekreeft, Gert; Friedrichsen, Nele
2014Unbundling of electricity transmission system operators in Germany: An experience reportBrunekreeft, Gert; Goto, Mika; Meyer, Roland; Maruyama, Masahiro; Hattori, Toru
2011Improving investment coordination in electricity networks through smart contractsBrandstätt, Christine; Brunekreeft, Gert; Friedrichsen, Nele
2014Information governance in smart grids: A Common Information Platform (CIP)Brandstätt, Christine; Brunekreeft, Gert; Buchmann, Marius; Friedrichsen, Nele
2016Evaluation of strategy of power generation business under large-scale integration of renewable energyBrunekreeft, Gert; Buchmann, Marius; Hattori, Toru; Meyer, Roland