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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Evaluation of strategy of power generation business under large-scale integration of renewable energyBrunekreeft, Gert; Buchmann, Marius; Hattori, Toru; Meyer, Roland
2016Information management in smart grids: Who should govern information management to balance between coordination and competition on the distribution grid level?Buchmann, Marius
2016Information management in smart grids: The need for decentralized governance approachesBuchmann, Marius
2011Regulation and regulatory risk in the face of large transmission investmentBrunekreeft, Gert; Meyer, Roland
2019How decentralization drives a change of the institutional framework on the distribution grid level in the electricity sector: The case of local congestion marketsBuchmann, Marius
2019Assessment of the drafted German Integrated National Energy and Climate PlanBuchmann, Marius; Kusznir, Julia; Brunekreeft, Gert
2019TOTEX Malmquist index for RPI-X regulation: Does it correctly estimate the true frontier shift?Meyer, Roland; Brunekreeft, Gert; Elias, George
2014Cross-border effects of capacity mechanisms: Do uncoordinated market design policies countervail the goals of European market integration?Meyer, Roland; Gore, Olga
2014Information governance in smart grids: A Common Information Platform (CIP)Brandstätt, Christine; Brunekreeft, Gert; Buchmann, Marius; Friedrichsen, Nele
2014Entflechtung in Netzsektoren: Ein VergleichAbegg, Peter; Brinkmann, Michael; Brunekreeft, Gert; Götz, Georg; Krancke, Jan; Müller, Christoph; Schmidt, Claudia