HEMF Working Papers, Chair for Management Science and Energy Economics, House of Energy Markets & Finance, University of Duisburg-Essen

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2021 Identifying key elements for adequate simplifications of investment choices - The case of wind energy expansionPöstges, Arne; Weber, Christoph
2020 Thesenpapier: Ökonomische & regulatorische Fragestellungen zum enera-FlexMarktBrunekreeft, Gert; Buchmann, Marius; Höckner, Jonas; Palovic, Martin; Voswinkel, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2020 A primer about storage in bottom-up models of future energy systems. Fundamentals of storage operation and investment in competitive long-term equilibriaBöcker, Benjamin; Weber, Christoph
2020 Constructing consistent energy scenarios using cross impact matricesBroll, Roland; Blumberg, Gerald; Weber, Christoph
2020 Managing combined power and heat portfolios in sequential spot power markets under uncertaintyDietrich, Andreas; Furtwängler, Christian; Weber, Christoph
2020 Rolling-horizon optimization as a speed-up method - assessment using the electricity system model JMMKallabis, Thomas
2020 Estimating the impact of energy efficiency on housing prices in Germany: Does regional disparity matter?Taruttis, Lisa; Weber, Christoph
2019 Supply curves for hydro reservoirs: Estimation and usage in large-scale electricity market modelsJahns, Christopher; Podewski, Caroline; Weber, Christoph
2019 Solving the bi-level problem of a closed optimization of electricity price zone configurations using a genetic algorithmFelling, Tim
2019 Spatio-temporal diffusion of solar thermal systems in Germany: A spatial panel data analysisBaginski, Jan Paul
2019 How the design of retail prices, network charges, and levies affects profitability and operation of small-scale PV-battery storage systemThomsen, Jessica; Weber, Christoph
2019 Flow-Based Market Coupling Revised - Part II: Assessing Improved Price Zones in Central Western EuropeFelten, Björn; Felling, Tim; Osinski, Paul; Weber, Christoph
2019 Flow-based market coupling: What drives welfare in Europe's electricity market design?Voswinkel, Simon; Felten, Björn; Felling, Tim; Weber, Christoph
2019 Coherent estimations for residential photovoltaic uptake in Germany including spatial spillover effectsBaginski, Jan Paul; Weber, Christoph
2019 Flow-Based Market Coupling Revised - Part I: Analyses of Small- and Large-Scale SystemsFelten, Björn; Felling, Tim; Osinski, Paul; Weber, Christoph
2019 Market distortions in flexibility markets caused by renewable subsidies: The case for side paymentsHöckner, Jonas; Voswinkel, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2019 Designing flexibility procurement markets for congestion management: Investigating two stage procurement auctionsBellenbaum, Julia; Höckner, Jonas; Weber, Christoph
2019 On the evaluation of binary event probability predictions in electricity price forecastingVogler, Arne; Ziel, Florian
2018 Modelling German electricity wholesale spot prices with a parsimonious fundamental model: Validation and applicationBeran, Philip; Pape, Christian; Weber, Christoph
2018 Estimating the value of flexibility from real options: On the accuracy of hybrid electricity price modelsPape, Christian; Woll, Oliver; Weber, Christoph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 71