HEMF Working Papers, Chair for Management Science and Energy Economics, House of Energy Markets & Finance, University of Duisburg-Essen

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2017 Impact of coordinated capacity mechanisms on the European power marketBucksteeg, Michael; Spiecker, Stephan; Weber, Christoph
2017 Photovoltaics and heat pumps: Limitations of local pricing mechanismsFelten, Björn; Raasch, Jessica; Weber, Christoph
2017 Welfare optimal reliability and reserve provision in electricity markets with increasing shares of renewable energy sourcesFriðrik Már Baldursson; Bellenbaum, Julia; Lazarczyk, Ewa; Niesen, Lenja; Weber, Christoph
2015 The role of heterogeneous agents in fuel markets: Testing tales of speculators in oil marketsFritz, Andreas; Stein, Michael; Weber, Christoph
2015 The German market for system reserve capacity and balancing energyJust, Sebastian
2015 Are fundamentals enough? Explaining price variations in the German day-ahead and intraday power marketPape, Christian; Hagemann, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2015 Individual choice in a residential building and heating model: An application case for GermanyBauermann, Klaas; Weber, Christoph
2015 Trading volumes in intraday markets: Theoretical reference model and empirical observations in selected European marketsHagemann, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2015 A parsimonious fundamental model for wholesale electricity markets: Analysis of the plunge in German futures pricesKallabis, Thomas; Pape, Christian; Weber, Christoph
2014 An integrated approach to model redispatch and to assess potential benefits from market splitting in GermanyTrepper, Katrin; Bucksteeg, Michael; Weber, Christoph
2014 Valuation Of Multiple Hyro Reservoir Storage Systems In Competitive Electricity MarketsFelix, Bastian
2014 Support mechanisms for renewables: How risk exposure influences investment incentivesKitzing, Lena; Weber, Christoph
2014 Impacts of Res-Generation and Demand Pattern on Net Transfer Capatity: Implications for Effectiveness of Market Splitting in GermanyBucksteeg, Michael; Trepper, Katrin; Weber, Christoph
2013 Price Determinants in the German Intraday Market for Electricity: An Empirical AnalysisHagemann, Simon
2013 Refinancing under Yardstick Regulation with Investment Cycles–The Case of Long-Lived Electricity Network AssetsSchober, Dominik
2013 German Energiewende and the Heating Market - Impact and Limits of PolicyBauermann, Klaas
2013 Perfect Competition vs. Riskaverse Agents: Technology Portfolio Choice in Electricity MarketsSunderkötter, Malte; Ziegler, Daniel
2013 The Impact Of Carbon Capture And Storage On A Decarbonized German Power MarketSpiecker, Stephan; Eickholt, Volker
2013 A Hotelling Model for Fixed-Cost Driven Power GenerationRenz, Andreas A.; Weber, Christoph
2013 Does One Design Fit All? On The Transferability Of The PJM Market Design To The German Electricity MarketSchmitz, Katrin; Weber, Christoph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42