EWL Working Papers, Lehrstuhl für Energiewirtschaft, Universität Duisburg-Essen

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Trading volumes in intraday markets: Theoretical reference model and empirical observations in selected European marketsHagemann, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2015 A parsimonious fundamental model for wholesale electricity markets: Analysis of the plunge in German futures pricesKallabis, Thomas; Pape, Christian; Weber, Christoph
2015 Individual choice in a residential building and heating model: An application case for GermanyBauermann, Klaas; Weber, Christoph
2015 Are fundamentals enough? Explaining price variations in the German day-ahead and intraday power marketPape, Christian; Hagemann, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2015 The German market for system reserve capacity and balancing energyJust, Sebastian
2015 The role of heterogeneous agents in fuel markets: Testing tales of speculators in oil marketsFritz, Andreas; Stein, Michael; Weber, Christoph
2014 Support mechanisms for renewables: How risk exposure influences investment incentivesKitzing, Lena; Weber, Christoph
2014 Impacts of Res-Generation and Demand Pattern on Net Transfer Capatity: Implications for Effectiveness of Market Splitting in GermanyBucksteeg, Michael; Trepper, Katrin; Weber, Christoph
2014 An integrated approach to model redispatch and to assess potential benefits from market splitting in GermanyTrepper, Katrin; Bucksteeg, Michael; Weber, Christoph
2014 Valuation Of Multiple Hyro Reservoir Storage Systems In Competitive Electricity MarketsFelix, Bastian
2013 Does One Design Fit All? On The Transferability Of The PJM Market Design To The German Electricity MarketSchmitz, Katrin; Weber, Christoph
2013 An Empirical Analysis of Liquidity and its Determinants in The German Intraday Market for ElectricityHagemann, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2013 The Impact Of Carbon Capture And Storage On A Decarbonized German Power MarketSpiecker, Stephan; Eickholt, Volker
2013 Perfect Competition vs. Riskaverse Agents: Technology Portfolio Choice in Electricity MarketsSunderkötter, Malte; Ziegler, Daniel
2013 Refinancing under Yardstick Regulation with Investment Cycles–The Case of Long-Lived Electricity Network AssetsSchober, Dominik
2013 German Energiewende and the Heating Market - Impact and Limits of PolicyBauermann, Klaas
2013 Price Determinants in the German Intraday Market for Electricity: An Empirical AnalysisHagemann, Simon
2013 A Hotelling Model for Fixed-Cost Driven Power GenerationRenz, Andreas A.; Weber, Christoph
2012 The Cost of Equity of Network Operators - Empirical Evidence and Regulatory PracticeSchaeffler, Stephan; Weber, Christoph
2012 Technical Uncertainty and Value of Information with Application to Optimal Network Component ReplacementSchaeffler, Stephan; Schober, Dominik; Weber, Christoph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39