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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Deregulating fixed voice services? Empirical evidence from the European UnionŠaric, Amela; Lange, Mirjam R. J.
2014General purpose technologies: A survey, a critique and future research directionsBashir, Sadaf; Sadowski, B. M.
2014Consumer complaint behavior in telecommunications: The case of mobile phone users in SpainGarín-Muñoz, Teresa; Gijón, Covadonga; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio; López, Rafael
2014Preventing and managing disasters during public events: The collaborative development of an ICT ecosystemvan Gorp, Annemijn; de Vries, Erik
2014Is network sharing changing the role of mobile network operators?Mölleryd, Bengt G.; Markendahl, Jan; Sundquist, Mårten
2014Role of ICT in the innovation process based on firm-level evidence from four ASEAN economies: An SEM approachIdota, Hiroki; Ueki, Yasushi; Bunno, Teruyuki; Shinohara, Sobee; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2014Policy on the media platform industry: The analysis of pricing policies of internet media with two-sided market theoryKim, Sung-min
2014Regulation development on licensed shared access and TV white spacesChâtaignier, Arnaud; Ahmed, Ashraf Awadelkarim Widaa; Teslenko, Maxim; Markendahl, Jan
2014Optimized synergy in networked infrastructure deployment and maintenance: Optimizing the planning of infrastructure works and the synergies in the trenchSpruytte, Jonathan; Tahon, Mathieu; Casier, Koen; Verbrugge, Sofie; Colle, Didier; Pickavet, Mario
2014The factors influencingthenon-usage of smart TVservicesbyKorean buyersPark, JongHyun; Kim, MoonKoo