25th European Regional ITS Conference, Brussels 2014

This collection contains papers of the

25th European Regional ITS Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 22nd-24th June 2014

"Disruptive innovation in the ICT industries: Challenges for European policy and business"

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2014 Estimating the potential increase in consumer welfare from the introduction of 'Super Wi-Fi' serviceHong, Areum; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2014 A comparative case study of regulatory approaches in the US and KoreaShin, Donghee; Kim, Namchul; Yoon, Hongsuk; Jeong, Jaeyeol; Lee, Jaegil
2014 Deregulating fixed voice services? Empirical evidence from the European UnionŠaric, Amela; Lange, Mirjam R. J.
2014 General purpose technologies: A survey, a critique and future research directionsBashir, Sadaf; Sadowski, B. M.
2014 Consumer complaint behavior in telecommunications: The case of mobile phone users in SpainGarín-Muñoz, Teresa; Gijón, Covadonga; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio; López, Rafael
2014 Alternative operators investing in NGNs: A causal analysis of the case in SpainHerrera-González, Fernando; García-Arribas, Gonzalo
2014 Is there a level of competition intensity that maximizes investment in the mobile telecommunications industry?Houngbonon, Georges Vivien; Jeanjean, Francois
2014 The effect of simultaneous multi-screening on the users' knowledge of social issues in a highly mediated societyCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi; Otsuka, Tokio
2014 An event-based analysis of Huawei's strategic path and styleZhang, Jian; Vialle, Pierre
2014 Undersea cables and landing stations around Africa: Policy and regulatory issuesSutherland, Ewan
2014 Wireless Access Policy for Electronic Communications Services (WAPECS): Collision between theory and practiceEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2014 How Google and others upset competition analysis: disruptive innovation and European competition lawGraef, Inge; Wahyuningtyas, Sih Yuliana; Valcke, Peggy
2014 A critical exploration of the Brussels app economy and mobile city services sceneWalravens, Nils
2014 Towards a typology for B2B application platformsBuchinger, Uschi; Spek, Sander; Ranaivoson, Heritiana; Lindmark, Sven
2014 Estimating demand for quadruple-play tariffs: The impact on consumer surplusGrzybowski, Lukasz; Liang, Julienne
2014 Growing use of three-part tariffs by MNOs: Understanding incentives of MNOsJang, Jaewon; Kwon, Youngsun
2014 The adoption of information and communication technologies in the design sector and their impact on firm performance: Evidence from the Dutch design sectorBashir, Sadaf; Matzat, U.; Sadowski, B. M.
2014 Cooperative service provisioning with OTT players: An explorative analysis of telecommunication business modelsLimbach, Felix
2014 Impact of users' communities on broadband economicsDomingo, Albert; Oliver, Miquel
2014 Fixed broadband deployment in the Netherlands: Success and failure in policy and technology or the paradox of successful competitionvan Eijk, Nico; Doorenspleet, Henk
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 72
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