Diskussionspapiere, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Europa-Universität Viadrina

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2014 On a class of threshold public goods games: With applications to voting and the Kyoto ProtocolBolle, Friedel
2014 Spread trading strategies in the crude oil futures marketLubnau, Thorben
2014 The relevance of international spillovers and asymmetric effects in the Taylor ruleBeckmann, Joscha; Belke, Ansgar; Dreger, Christian
2014 Impact of analyst recommendations on stock returns: Evidence from the German stock marketSouček, Michael; Wasserek, Thomas
2014 Censored spatial wind power prediction with random effectsCroonenbroeck, Carsten; Ambach, Daniel
2014 Obtaining superior wind power predictions from a periodic and heteroscedastic Wind Power Prediction ToolAmbach, Daniel; Croonenbroeck, Carsten
2014 Accurate medium-term wind power forecasting in a censored classification frameworkCroonenbroeck, Carsten; Møller Dahl, Christian
2014 The impact of oil revenues on the Iranian economy and the Gulf statesDreger, Christian; Rahmani, Teymur
2014 On the relationship between public and private investment in the euro areaDreger, Christian; Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2014 A comparison of different wind power forecasting models to the Mycielski approachCroonenbroeck, Carsten; Ambach, Daniel
2014 Youth and gender specific unemployment and Okun's law in Scandinavian countriesHutengs, Oliver; Stadtmann, Georg
2013 Die Auslösung der Hinzurechnungsbesteuerung durch beschränkt Steuerpflichtige und ihre skurrilen steuerlichen FolgenGlowienka, Jens; Kudert, Stephan
2013 Understanding Chinese consumption: The impact of hukouDreger, Christian; Wang, Tongsan; Zhang, Yanqun
2013 On the relevance of exports for regional output growth in ChinaDreger, Christian; Zhang, Yanqun
2013 Don't trust anybody over 30: Youth unemployment and Okun's law in CEE countriesHutengs, Oliver; Stadtmann, Georg
2013 Is the market held by institutional investors? The disposition effect revisitedCroonenbroeck, Carsten; Matkovskyy, Roman
2013 Der Shakeout im IndustrielebenszyklusCroonenbroeck, Carsten; Grimpe, Christoph; Stadtmann, Georg
2012 Nonlinear expectations in speculative markets: Evidence from the ECB survey of professional forecastersReitz, Stefan; Rülke, Jan-Christoph; Stadtmann, Georg
2012 Bankenrettung, Bankenaufsicht und BankenunionFrenkel, Michael; Rülke, Jan-Christoph; Stadtmann, Georg
2012 Oil price forecasting under asymmetric lossPierdzioch, Christian; Rülke, Jan-Christoph; Stadtmann, Georg
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 121
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