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2023Does Okun's law suffer from COVID-19? Evidence from Europe and the US - A research noteRussnak, Jan; Stadtmann, Georg; Zimmermann, Lilli
2021Animal Crossing: New Horizons meets "Maslow's pyramid"Benti, Behailu Shiferaw; Stadtmann, Georg
2021Survival of professional CS:GO teams: What matters? A research noteSchöber, Timo; Stadtmann, Georg; Parshakov, Petr
2021Borders in motion: An application related to the video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"Benti, Behailu Shiferaw; Stadtmann, Georg
2021Money illusion in free-to-play gamesBenti, Behailu Shiferaw; Haß, Dominik; Stadtmann, Georg
2021To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? This is the question! Delay the Booster, maybe you get a Bratwurscht!Moritz, Karl-Heinz; Stadtmann, Georg
2021Law of one price: BigMac versus Fortnite - A notePierdzioch, Christian; Schöber, Timo; Stadtmann, Georg
2020Fortnite: The business model pattern behind the sceneSchöber, Timo; Stadtmann, Georg
2020Are female skins sold for a lower price? Evidence from the Fortnite gameStadtmann, Georg; Tosun, Aynur Dilan; Pierdzioch, Christian
2020Weitergabe von NegativzinsenStadtmann, Georg; Moritz, Karl-Heinz; Stadtmann, Tobias; Berthold, Kristin
2020The LoP game: BigMac versus FortnitePierdzioch, Christian; Schöber, Timo; Stadtmann, Georg
2020Product differentiation in video games: A closer look at Fortnite's successMoritz, Karl-Heinz; Schöber, Timo; Stadtmann, Georg
2019Creativity ratings of fashion outfits presented on Instagram: Does gender matter?Barth, Philipp; Stadtmann, Georg
2019Die Bestimmung der natürlichen Höhe der Arbeitslosigkeit mittels des Hodrick-Prescott-FilterverfahrensStadtmann, Georg; Croonenbroeck, Carsten
2019A dynamic version of Okun's law in the EU15 countries - The role of delays in the unemployment-output nexusObst, Thomas
2019Natural rate estimates differ: By how much?Bethencourt, Carlos; Stadtmann, Georg
2019Wer "verdient" was warum? Das Oaxaca/Blinder-Dekompositions-Verfahren zur Analyse des Gender Pay GapPierdzioch, Christian; Stadtmann, Georg
2019The ups and downs of Wirecard AG: An application of the reversed news modelStadtmann, Georg; Croonenbroeck, Carsten
2018Good intentions and unintended evil? Adverse effects of criminalizing clients in paid sex markets with voluntary and involuntary prostitutionSonnabend, Hendrik; Stadtmann, Georg
2018Teiltransparente EU-Holdinggesellschaften als steuerliches Investitionsvehikel deutscher Unternehmen in der Post-BEPS-WeltMelkonyan, Satenik; Schade, Filip
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 143
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