IMFS Working Paper Series, Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2022 On the stabilizing role of cash for societiesRösl, Gerhard; Seitz, Franz
2022 How to limit the spillover from an inflation surge to inflation expectationsDräger, Lena; Lamla, Michael; Pfajfar, Damjan
2022 Government bond rates and interest expenditure of large euro area member states: A scenario analysisGrimm, Veronika; Nöh, Lukas; Wieland, Volker
2022 Household expectations and dissent among policymakersGrebe, Moritz; Tillmann, Peter
2022 A new age of uncertainty? Implications for monetary policyWeidmann, Jens
2022 A reassessment of monetary policy surprises and high-frequency identificationBauer, Michael D.; Swanson, Eric T.
2022 A potential sudden stop of energy imports from Russia: Effects on energy security and economic output in Germany and the EUBerger, Eva M.; Bialek, Sylwia; Garnadt, Niklas; Grimm, Veronika; Other, Lars; Salzmann, Leonard; Schnitzer, Monika; Truger, Achim; Wieland, Volker
2022 Inflation, price stability, and monetary policy: On the legality of inflation targeting by the EurosystemSiekmann, Helmut
2022 Zur Verfassungsmäßigkeit der Veranschlagung globaler MinderausgabenSiekmann, Helmut
2022 Solving linear DSG models with Newton methodsMeyer-Gohde, Alexander; Saecker, Johanna
2021 The decline in euro area inflation and the choice of policy strategyWieland, Volker
2021 Wealth inequality: Opportunity or unfairness?Haliassos, Michael; Jansson, Thomas; Karabulut, Yigitcan
2021 On the accuracy of linear DSGE solution methods and the consequences for log-normal asset pricingMeyer-Gohde, Alexander
2021 Rational vs. irrational beliefs in a complex worldBöhl, Gregor; Hommes, Cars H.
2021 Collateral framework: Liquidity premia and multiple equilibriaLengwiler, Yvan; Orphanides, Athanasios
2021 Interest rate skewness and biased beliefsBauer, Michael; Chernov, Mikhail
2021 Classification of monetary and fiscal dominance regimes using machine learning techniquesHinterlang, Natascha; Hollmayr, Josef
2021 Technological growth and hours in the long run: Theory and evidenceReif, Magnus; Tesfaselassie, Mewael F.; Wolters, Maik H.
2021 Endogenous growth, skill obsolescence and output hysteresis in a New Keynesian model with unemploymentLechthaler, Wolfgang; Tesfaselassie, Mewael F.
2021 Cash and crises: No surprises by the virusRösl, Gerhard; Seitz, Franz
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 173
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