Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Predictors of bank distress: The 1907 crisis in SwedenGrodecka, Anna; Kenny, Sean; Ögren, Anders
2018 A shadow rate without a lower bound constraintDe Rezende, Rafael B.; Ristiniemi, Annukka
2018 Conditional exchange rate pass-through: Evidence from SwedenCorbo, Vesna; Di Casola, Paola
2018 Reduced "border effects", FTAs and international tradeFranco, Sebastian; Frohm, Erik
2018 Diversication advantages during the global financial crisisLevander, Mats
2018 Spread the word: International spillovers from central bank communicationArmelius, Hanna; Bertsch, Christoph; Hull, Isaiah; Zhang, Xin
2018 Learning on the job and the cost of business cyclesWalentin, Karl; Westermark, Andreas
2018 Trade credit and pricing: An empirical evaluationAmberg, Niklas; Jacobson, Tor; von Schedvin, Erik
2018 The impact of monetary policy on household borrowing: A high-frequency IV identificationSandström, Maria
2018 Towards technology-news-driven business cyclesDi Casola, Paola; Sichlimiris, Spyridon
2017 Shock propagation and banking structureGiannetti, Mariassunta; Saidi, Farzad
2017 Should we use linearized models to calculate fiscal multipliers?Lindé, Jesper; Trabandt, Mathias
2017 Identification and estimation issues in exponential smooth transition autoregressive modelsBuncic, Daniel
2017 Household debt and monetary policy: Revealing the cash-flow channelFlodén, Martin; Kilström, Matilda; Jósef Sigurdsson; Vestman, Roine
2017 Domestic and external sovereign debtDi Casola, Paola; Sichlimiris, Spyridon
2017 On the effectiveness of loan-to-value regulation in a multiconstraint frameworkGrodecka, Anna
2017 House prices, home equity, and personal debt compositionLi, Jieying; Zhang, Xin
2017 The role of trust in online lendingBertsch, Christoph; Hull, Isaiah; Qi, Yingjie; Zhang, Xin
2017 The granular origins of house price volatilityHull, Isaiah; Olovsson, Conny; Walentin, Karl; Westermark, Andreas
2017 What broker charges reveal about mortgage credit riskBerndt, Antje; Hollifield, Burton; Sandås, Patrik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 310