Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 The costs of macroprudential deleveraging in a liquidity trapChen, Jiaqian; Finocchiaro, Daria; Lindé, Jesper; Walentin, Karl
2021 Narrative fragmentation and the business cycleBertsch, Christoph; Hull, Isaiah; Zhang, Xin
2020 FAQ: How do I extract the output gap?Canova, Fabio
2020 Big broad banks: How does cross-selling affect lending?Qi, Yingjie
2020 Unemployment fluctuations and nominal GDP targetingBilli, Roberto
2020 MAJA: A two-region DSGE model for Sweden and its main trading partnersCorbo, Vesna; Strid, Ingvar
2020 Drivers of consumer prices and exchange rates in small open economiesCorbo, Vesna; Di Casola, Paola
2020 The interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies: The cases of Norway and SwedenCao, Jin; Dinger, Valeriya; Grodecka-Messi, Anna; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger; Zhang, Xin
2020 The role of money in monetary policy at the lower boundBilli, Roberto M.; Söderström, Ulf; Walsh, Carl E.
2020 TFP news, stock market booms and the business cycle: Revisiting the evidence with VEC modelsDi Casola, Paola; Sichlimiris, Spyridon
2020 The effects of government spending in the EurozoneGabriel, Ricardo Duque; Klein, Mathias; Pessoa, Ana Sofia
2020 Withering cash: Is Sweden ahead of the curve or just special?Armelius, Hanna; Claussen, Carl Andreas; Reslow, André
2020 Macro uncertainty and unemployment riskOh, Joonseok; Rogantini Picco, Anna
2020 Modeling extreme events: Time-varying extreme tail shapeSchwaab, Bernd; Zhang, Xin; Lucas, André
2020 Monetary policy surprises, central bank information shocks, and economic activity in a small open economyLaséen, Stefan
2020 Labor shortages and wage growthFrohm, Erik
2020 Quantum technology for economistsHull, Isaiah; Sattath, Or; Diamanti, Eleni; Wendin, Göran
2020 Econometric issues with Laubach and Williams' estimates of the natural rate of interestBuncic, Daniel
2019 Identification versus misspecification in New Keynesian monetary policy modelsAdolfson, Malin; Laséen, Stefan; Lindé, Jesper; Ratto, Marco
2019 The macroeconomic effects of trade tariffs: Revisiting the Lerner symmetry resultLindé, Jesper; Pescatori, Andrea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 351