Publikationen von Forscherinnen und Forschern des Instituts für Weltwirtschaft (IfW)

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2017 South-South FDI: Is it really different?Görg, Holger; Gold, Robert; Hanley, Aoife; Seric, Adnan
2017 Indirect land use change (iLUC) revisited: An evaluation of current policy proposalsDelzeit, Ruth; Klepper, Gernot; Söder, Mareike
2017 How foreign-born workers foster exportsMarchal, Léa; Nedoncelle, Clément
2017 Winning or losing in investor-to-state dispute resolution: The role of arbitrator bias and experienceDonaubauer, Julian; Neumayer, Eric; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2017 Firms' global engagement and management practicesGörg, Holger; Hanley, Aoife
2017 Estimating the effects of the "flight to quality", with an application to German bond yields and interest paymentsBoeing-Reicher, Claire A.; Boysen-Hogrefe, Jens
2017 Steigende Grunderwerbsteuersätze, Verhaltensreaktionen und der LänderfinanzausgleichBoysen-Hogrefe, Jens
2017 Land use competition in Sub-Saharan Africa's rural areasNolte, Kerstin; Sipangule, Kacana
2017 Centralizing information improves market efficiency more than increasing information: Results from experimental asset marketsBarreda Tarrazona, Iván J.; Grimalda, Gianluca; Morone, Andrea; Nuzzo, Simone; Teglio, Andrea
2017 Mergerwellen in Deutschland: Eine zeitreihenanalytische UntersuchungMeier, Jan-Hendrik; Boysen-Hogrefe, Jens; Spoida, Verena K.
2017 Industrialisation in Africa: Challenges and OpportunitiesAsche, Helmut; Grimm, Michael
2017 The cost of remoteness revisitedFranke, Richard
2017 Informal intellectual collaboration with central colleaguesGeorg, Co-Pierre; Opolot, Daniel C.; Rose, Michael E.
2017 The changing international linkages of Switzerland: An overviewTille, Cédric
2017 Effective anti-corruption policy-making: What can we learn from experimental economics?Boly, Amadou; Gillanders, Robert
2017 Is foreign aid concentrated increasingly on needy and deserving recipient countries? An analysis of Theil indices, 1995-2015Bickenbach, Frank; Mbelu, Asithandile; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2017 What drives patentees to bypass TTOs? Evidence from a large PROGoel, Rajeev K.; Göktepe-Hultén, Devrim
2017 The ties that bind: Geopolitical motivations for economic integrationHinz, Julian
2017 Ride with me: Ethnic discrimination in social marketsTjaden, Jasper Dag; Schwemmer, Carsten; Khadjavi, Menusch
2017 Interconnectedness in the global financial marketRaddant, Matthias; Kenett, Dror Y.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4485
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