Queen’s Economics Department Working Paper, Department of Economics (QED), Queen’s University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Regularized maximum diversification investment strategyKoné, N'Golo
2021 Efficient mean-variance portfolio selection by double regularizationKoné, N'Golo
2021 Public health and government preparations for future pandemicsLongworth, David J.; Milne, Frank
2021 Incomplete markets and parental investments in childrenAbbott, Brant
2020 Preparing for future pandemics: Stress tests and wargamesMilne, Frank; Longworth, David J.
2020 Quantifying the economic impacts of COVID-19 policy responses on Canada's provinces in (almost) real timeCotton, Christopher; Crowley, Brett; Kashi, Bahman; Lloyd-Ellis, Huw; Tremblay, Frederic
2020 Covid-19 and the Lack of Public Health and Government PreparationMilne, Frank; Longworth, David J.
2020 Comparative incompleteness: Definitions, behavioral manifestations and elicitationKarni, Edi; Vierø, Marie-Louise
2020 A stakeholder analysis of investments for wind power electricity generation in OntarioBahramian, Pejman; Jenkins, Glenn P.; Milne, Frank
2020 The displacement impacts of wind power electricity generation: Costly lessons from OntarioBahramian, Pejman; Jenkins, Glenn P.; Milne, Frank
2020 The decomposition of a GDP increaseHartwick, John M.
2020 The bigger picture: Combining econometrics with analytics improve forecasts of movie successLehrer, Steven F.; Xie, Tian
2020 The strategic response of banks to macroprudential policies: Evidence from mortgage stress tests in CanadaClark, Robert; Li, Shaoteng
2020 Complementary bidding and the collusive arrangement: Evidence from an antitrust investigationClark, Robert; Coviello, Decio; de Leverano, Adriano
2020 Incentivized mergers and cost effciency: Evidence from the electricity distribution industryClark, Robert; Samano, Mario
2020 Productivity versus motivation in adolescent human capital production: Evidence from a structurally-motivated field experimentCotton, Christopher; Hickman, Brent R.; List, John A.; Price, Joseph; Roy, Sutanuka
2020 Algorithmic pricing and competition: Empirical evidence from the German retail gasoline marketAssad, Stephanie; Clark, Robert; Ershov, Daniel; Xu, Lei
2020 A multi-period portfolio selection in a large financial marketKoné, N'Golo
2020 Object oriented (dynamic) programming: Replication, innovation and "structural" estimationFerrall, Christopher
2020 Testing for the appropriate level of clustering in linear regression modelsMacKinnon, James G.; Nielsen, Morten Ørregaard; Webb, Matthew
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 755