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2023Heterogeneity in health insurance choice: An experimental investigation of consumer choice and feature preferencesHermanns, Benedicta; Kairies-Schwarz, Nadja; Kokot, Johanna; Vomhof, Markus
2022Who benefits from quality competition in health care? A theory and a laboratory experiment on the relevance of patient characteristicsBrosig-Koch, Jeannette; Hehenkamp, Burkhard; Kokot, Johanna
2022System-wide effects of hospital payment scheme reforms: The German introduction of diagnosis-related groupsMesserle, Robert; Schreyögg, Jonas
2022Activity-based funding based on diagnosis-related groups: The end of an era? A review of payment reforms in the inpatient sector in ten high-income countriesMilstein, Ricarda; Schreyögg, Jonas
2021Diagnostics and treatment: On the division of labor between primary care physicians and specialistsGriebenow, Malte; Kifmann, Mathias
2021Power of machine learning algorithms for predicting dropouts from a German telemonitoring program using standardized claims dataHofer, Florian; Birkner, Benjamin; Spindler, Martin
2020Long-term effects of the Paraguayan War (1864-1870): from male scarcity to intimate partner violenceBoggiano, Barbara
2020Hospital responses to the introduction of reimbursements by treatment intensity in a (presumably lump sum) DRG systemBäuml, Matthias; Kümpel, Christian
2020Insights from optimal pandemic shielding in a multi-group SEIR frameworkBach, Philipp; Chernozhukov, Victor; Spindler, Martin
2019The effect of unemployment on the smoking behavior of couplesEverding, Jakob; Marcus, Jan
2019Heterogeneous spillover effects of children's education on parental mental healthEverding, Jakob
2019Low emission zones and population healthMargaryan, Shushanik
2019Hospital ownership type and service provision, a structural approachBayindir, Esra Eren
2018The health effects of smoking bans: Evidence from German hospitalization dataKvasnicka, Michael; Siedler, Thomas; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2017Semiparametric count data modeling with an application to health service demandBach, Philipp; Farbmacher, Helmut; Spindler, Martin
2017Ambulatory care at the end of a billing periodHimmel, Konrad; Schneider, Udo
2016Cost-effectiveness of intravenous 5 mg zoledronic acid to prevent subsequent clinical fractures in postmenopausal women after hip fracture: A model-based analysisBleibler, Florian; König, Hans-Helmut
2016Measuring change in subjective wellbeing: Methods to quantify recall bias and recalibration response shiftBlome, Christine; Augustin, Matthias
2016Unlucky to Be Young? The Long-Term Effects of School Starting Age on Smoking Behaviour and HealthBahrs, Michael; Schumann, Mathias
2016Using nonparametric conditional approach to integrate quality into efficiency analysis: Empirical evidence from cardiology departmentsVarabyova, Yauheniya; Blankart, Carl Rudolf Berchtold; Schreyögg, Jonas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29
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