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2024How likely is it that omitted variable bias will overturn your results?Basu, Deepankar
2024Axiomatic Marxian exploitation theory: A survey of the recent literatureChinnock, Rylan; Veneziani, Roberto; Yoshihara, Naoki
2024Intersectoral conflict and delays in macroeconomic stabilizationRazmi, Arslan
2024Can price controls be optimal? The economics of the energy shocks in GermanyKrebs, Tom; Weber, Isabella
2023Sellers' inflation, profits and conflict: Why can large firms hike prices in an emergency?Weber, Isabella; Wasner, Evan
2023Phillips curves, behavioral economics and post-Keynesian macroeconomicsSkott, Peter
2023Covariate benchmarking for sensitivity analysis when the confounder is correlated with observed covariatesBasu, Deepankar
2023Conflict fuels inflation but the tinder lies elsewhere: Eclectic structuralist thoughts in a developing economy contextRazmi, Arslan
2023Unequal gradients: Sex, skin tone, and intergenerational economic mobilityMonroy-Gómez-Franco, Luis; Vélez Grajales, Roberto; Yalonetzky, Gastón
2023Skill differences and wage-effort relationship: Who are more exploited, high-skilled or low-skilled workers?Park, Hyun Woong; Rieu, Dong-min
2023Alternative approaches to labor values and prices of production: Theory and evidenceBasu, Deepankar; Moraitis, Athanasios
2023The Yule-Frisch-Waugh-Lovell theorem for linear instrumental variables estimationBasu, Deepankar
2023Formal covariate benchmarking to bound omitted variable biasBasu, Deepankar
2023Endogenous business cycles and economic policySkott, Peter
2022Systemic cycles of accumulation, spatial expansion and chaos: Adding a missing linkGoldsmiths, Giorgos Galanis; Koutny, Christian; Weber, Isabella
2022MMT and policy assignment in an open economy context: Simplicity is useful, oversimpliflflication not so muchRazmi, Arslan
2022The state-constituted market economy: A conceptual framework for China's state-market relationsWeber, Isabella; Qi, Hao
2022Economic growth in dual and mature economies: Revisiting the Pasinetti and neo-Pasinetti theoremsSkott, Peter
2022Political economic drivers of real exchange rate levelsUgurlu, Esra Nur; Razmi, Arslan
2022To reform and to procure: An analysis of the role of the state and the market in Indian agricultureMisra, Kartik; Basu, Deepankar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 354