ICIR Working Paper Series, International Center for Insurance Regulation, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2024Shaping inequality and intergenerational persistence of poverty: Free college or better schoolsKrueger, Dirk; Ludwig, Alexander; Popova, Irina
2023Homeownership rates, housing policies, and co-residence decisionsGrevenbrock, Nils; Ludwig, Alexander; Siassi, Nawid
2023Enhancing gradient capital allocation with orthogonal convexity scenariosAigner, Philipp; Schlütter, Sebastian
2023Identifying scenarios for the own risk and solvency assessment of insurance companiesAigner, Philipp
2023Gambling for recovery? Exploring the riskiness of European insurers' assets during the Covid-19 crisis 2020Beyer, Marcel
2023Testing frequency and severity risk under various information regimes and implications in insuranceTan, Kar Man; Gründl, Helmut
2023Discretionary decisions in capital requirements under Solvency IIGrochola, Nicolaus; Schlütter, Sebastian
2023The influence of negative interest rates on life insurance companiesGrochola, Nicolaus
2022Responsible investments in life insurers' optimal portfolios under solvency constraintsSchlütter, Sebastian; Fianu, Emmanuel Senyo; Gründl, Helmut
2021Matching and sorting across regionsLacava, Chiara
2021Asset concentration risk and insurance solvency regulationRegele, Fabian; Gründl, Helmut
2021Life insurance convexityKubitza, Christian; Grochola, Nicolaus; Gründl, Helmut
2021Sensitivity-implied tail-correlation matricesPaulusch, Joachim; Schlütter, Sebastian
2021Optimal taxes on capital in the OLG model with uninsurable idiosyncratic income riskKrueger, Dirk; Ludwig, Alexander; Villalvazo, Sergio
2021Investor-driven corporate finance: Evidence from insurance marketsKubitza, Christian
2021Higher-order income risk over the business cycleBusch, Christopher; Ludwig, Alexander
2021Exploring the market risk profiles of U.S. and European life insurersGrochola, Nicolaus; Browne, Mark Joseph; Gründl, Helmut; Schlütter, Sebastian
2021The fiscal and welfare effects of policy responses to the Covid-19 school closuresFuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Krueger, Dirk; Kurmann, André; Lalé, Etienne; Ludwig, Alexander; Popova, Irina
2021The long-term distributional and welfare effects of Covid-19 school closuresFuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Krueger, Dirk; Ludwig, Alexander; Popova, Irina
2019Financial literacy and precautionary insuranceKubitza, Christian; Hofmann, Annette; Steinorth, Petra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37
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