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2017Climate protection and a new operator: The Eastern German lignite industry is changingOei, Pao-Yu; Brauers, Hanna; Kemfert, Claudia; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Schäfer, Dorothea; Schmalz, Sophie
2017"Little room for maneuver with tax relief in the medium term": Interview with Stefan BachBach, Stefan; Wittenberg, Erich
2017"Companies should have more women on all levels of the hierarchy": Seven questions for Elke HolstHolst, Elke; Wittenberg, Erich
2017Hourly wages in lower deciles no longer lagging behind when it comes to wage growthBrenke, Karl; Kritikos, Alexander S.
2017Despite uncertainty in the global economy, Germany is on a solid growth pathFichtner, Ferdinand; Fratzscher, Marcel; Baldi, Guido; Brenke, Karl; Clemens, Marius; Dreger, Christian; Engerer, Hella; Gebauer, Stefan; Hachula, Michael; Junker, Simon; Lange, Robert; Michelsen, Claus; Rieth, Malte; Schlaak, Thore; van Deuverden, Kristina
2017"Capital requirements for new government bond purchases only could be a reasonable strategy": Interview with Dorothea SchäferSchäfer, Dorothea; Wittenberg, Erich
2017German economy booming but not to the point of overheatingFichtner, Ferdinand; Ansari, Dawud; Baldi, Guido; Brenke, Karl; Bruns, Martin; Clemens, Marius; van Deuverden, Kristina; Dreger, Christian; Engerer, Hella; Fratzscher, Marcel; Gebauer, Stefan; Junker, Simon; Michelsen, Claus; Rieth, Malte; Schlaak, Thore; Zaklan, Aleksandar
2017The world economy and the Euro Area: Despite risks, global recovery is stabilizingFichtner, Ferdinand; Baldi, Guido; Dreger, Christian; Engerer, Hella; Gebauer, Stefan; Rieth, Malte
2017"Rising income inequality inhibits consumer demand": Five Questions for Ferdinand FichtnerFichtner, Ferdinand; Wittenberg, Erich
2017Gender parity in German politics: Further effort requiredCoka, Daniela Arregui; Freier, Ronny; Mollerstrom, Johanna
2017"The concentration in the investor market has intensified": Eight questions for Jo SeldeslachtsSeldeslachts, Jo; Wittenberg, Erich
2017German economy: Strong employment growth, weak investment activityFichtner, Ferdinand; Brenke, Karl; Clemens, Marius; Junker, Simon; Michelsen, Claus; Schlaak, Thore; van Deuverden, Kristina
2017Incentives for the long-term integration of renewable energies: A plea for a market value modelNeuhoff, Karsten; May, Nils; Richstein, Jörn
2017How rising income inequality influenced economic growth in GermanyAlbig, Hanne; Clemens, Marius; Fichtner, Ferdinand; Gebauer, Stefan; Junker, Simon; Kholodilin, Konstantin
2017"Relief for the middle class through value-added tax cuts": Six questions for Stefan BachBach, Stefan; Wittenberg, Erich
2017Decentralized solar prosumage with battery storage: System orientation requiredSchill, Wolf-Peter; Zerrahn, Alexander; Kunz, Friedrich; Kemfert, Claudia
2017Partial retirement: Effects on employment and implications for government budgetsHaan, Peter; Tolan, Songül
2017DIW Economic Bulletin, Volume 7 (2017)Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW)
2017Refugee integration: A worthwile investmentBach, Stefan; Brücker, Herbert; Haan, Peter; Romiti, Agnese; van Deuverden, Kristina; Weber, Enzo
2017Using public procurement as a decarbonisation policy: A look at GermanyChiappinelli, Olga; Zipperer, Vera
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 430