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2011 German electricity prices: Only modest increase due to renewable energy expectedTraber, Thure; Kemfert, Claudia; Diekmann, Jochen
2011 A squandered opportunity: Even after the financial crisis, top positions in large financial firms still largely occupied by menHolst, Elke; Schimeta, Julia
2011 Considering emigration: German university graduates are moving abroad - But only temporarilyLiebau, Elisabeth; Schupp, Jürgen
2011 How do individuals cope during post-conflict recovery? Evidence from post-war Northern UgandaBozzoli, Carlos; Brück, Tilman; Muhumuza, Tony
2011 The legacy of civil war: The case of MozambiqueGiesbert, Lena; Schindler, Kati
2011 Twenty-nine women to 906 men: Continuing gender inequality on the boards of Germany's top companiesHolst, Elke; Schimeta, Julia
2011 Export growing among knowledge-intensive service providersEickelpasch, Alexander
2011 Do new opportunities arise for women in post-war countries? The case of RwandaSchindler, Kati
2011 Technology neutral public support: An important pillar of East German industrial researchBelitz, Heike; Eickelpasch, Alexander; Lejpras, Anna
2011 Weekly Report, Volume 7 (2011)Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW)
2010 Innovation Indicator 2009: Germany Has Still Some Catching up to DoBelitz, Heike; Clemens, Marius; Cullmann, Astrid; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Schmidt-Ehmcke, Jens; Triebe, Doreen; Zloczysti, Petra
2010 Energy and Climate Policy: USA Continues to Trail behind, Despite Positive ChangeSchill, Wolf-Peter; Diekmann, Jochen; Kemfert, Claudia
2010 Five Years after the Reform of the Social and Unemployment Benefits in GermanyBrenke, Karl
2010 Microlending: Is There Demand for Such Loans in Germany?Kritikos, Alexander S.; Kneiding, Christoph
2010 Germany Is Well Positioned for International Trade with Research-Intensive GoodsClemens, Marius; Schumacher, Dieter
2010 Innovation Promotes Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized EnterprisesLejpras, Anna
2010 Inter-ethnic Partnerships: Key Characteristics, and What They Reveal about Successful IntegrationNottmeyer, Olga
2010 Money Predicted Spain as Football World ChampionGerhards, Jürgen; Wagner, Gert G.
2010 Perceived Income Justice Depends on the EconomyLiebig, Stefan; Valet, Peter; Schupp, Jürgen
2010 Income Polarisation in Germany Is RisingGoebel, Jan; Gornig, Martin; Häußermann, Hartmut
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 150