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2024The cost of fair pay: How child care work wages affect formal child care hours, informal child care hours, and employment hoursLöffler, Verena
2024Schooling and self-controlCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Dahmann, Sarah C.; Kamhöfer, Daniel A.; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah
2024Life events and life satisfaction: Estimating effects of multiple life events in combined modelsKrämer, Michael; Rohrer, Julia M.; Lucas, Richard E.; Richter, David
2023There's more in the data! Using month-specific information to estimate changes before and after major life eventsHudde, Ansgar; Jacob, Marita
2023Public employment agency reform, matching efficiency, and German unemploymentMerkl, Christian; Sauerbier, Timo
2023Health implications of building retrofits: Evidence from a population-wide weatherization programKünn, Steffen; Palacios, Juan
2023Job levels and wagesBayer, Christian; Kuhn, Moritz
2023Intergenerational health mobility in GermanyGraeber, Daniel
2023Is there a union wage premium in Germany and which workers benefit most?Bonaccolto-Töpfer, Marina; Schnabel, Claus
2023More education does make you happier - unless you are unemployedBertermann, Alexander; Kamhöfer, Daniel A.; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah
2023Holding the door slightly open: Germany's migrants' return intentions and realizationsSallam, Hend
2023Inequality of opportunity in wealth: Levels, trends, and driversGraeber, Daniel; Hilbert, Viola; König, Johannes
2023Artificial intelligence and workers' well-beingGiuntella, Osea; König, Johannes; Stella, Luca
2023Are senior entrepreneurs happier than who? The role of income and healthFritsch, Michael; Sorgner, Alina; Wyrwich, Michael
2023Minimum wage non-compliance: The role of co-determinationGoerke, Laszlo; Pannenberg, Markus
2023The effect of schooling on parental integration: Evidence from GermanySommerfeld, Ann-Marie
2023Is there a desired added worker effect? Evidence from involuntary job lossesBeckmannshagen, Mattis; Glaubitz, Rick
2023Do wind turbines have adverse health impacts?Krekel, Christian; Rode, Johannes; Roth, Alexander
2023Using within-person change in three large panel studies to estimate personality age trajectoriesSeifert, Ingo S.; Rohrer, Julia M.; Schmukle, Stefan Christian
2023Maternal life satisfaction and child development from toddlerhood to adolescenceGupta, Nabanita Datta; Jessen, Jonas; Spieß, C. Katharina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1185