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2019 Living conditions and the mental health and well-being of refugees: Evidence from a large-scale German panel studyWalther, Lena; Fuchs, Lukas M.; Schupp, Jürgen; von Scheve, Christian
2019 Willingness to take risk: The role of risk conception and optimismDohmen, Thomas; Quercia, Simone; Willrodt, Jana
2019 Optimism, pessimism and life satisfaction: An empirical investigationPiper, Alan T.
2019 Gender identity and wives' labor market outcomes in West and East Germany between 1984 and 2016Sprengholz, Maximilian; Wieber, Anna; Holst, Elke
2019 The effect of maternal education on offspring's mental healthGraeber, Daniel; Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
2019 Do parental leaves make the motherhood wage penalty worse? Assessing two decades of German reformsMari, Gabriele; Cutuli, Giorgio
2019 Fiskalische und individuelle Nettoerträge und Renditen von Bildungsinvestitionen im jungen ErwachsenenalterPfeiffer, Friedhelm; Stichnoth, Holger
2019 Life expectancy and parental education in GermanyHuebener, Mathias
2019 The role of body weight for health, earnings, and life satisfactionHübler, Olaf
2019 Works councils, training and employee satisfactionBellmann, Lutz; Hübler, Olaf; Leber, Ute
2019 Parental child care time, income, and subjective well-being: A multidimensional polarization approach for GermanyMerz, Joachim; Peters, Normen
2019 Emotions, risk attitudes, and patienceMeier, Armando N.
2019 Experienced well-being and labor market status: The role of pleasure and meaningWolf, Tobias; Metzing, Maria; Lucas, Richard E.
2019 The immigrant-native wage gap in Germany revisitedIngwersen, Kai; Thomsen, Stephan L.
2019 Being unengaged at work but still dedicating time and energy: A longitudinal studyHommelhoff, Sabine; Richter, David; Niessen, Cornelia; Gerstorf, Denis; Heckhausen, Jutta
2019 Wie (in)stabil ist die Lebenszufriedenheit? Eine Sequenzanalyse mit Daten des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP)Schräpler, Laura; Schräpler, Jörg-Peter; Wagner, Gert G.
2019 Long-run consequences of informal elderly care and implications of public long-term care insuranceKorfhage, Thorben
2019 Transitioning towards more equality? Wealth gender differences and the changing role of explanatory factors over timeSierminska, Eva; Piazzalunga, Daniela; Grabka, Markus M.
2019 Undoing gender with institutions: Lessons from the German division and reunificationLippmann, Quentin; Georgieff, Alexandre; Senik-Leygonie, Claudia
2019 Immigration, social networks, and occupational mismatchAlaverdyan, Sevak; Zaharieva, Anna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1034