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2024Securities lending and information acquisitionGreppmair, Stefan; Jank, Stephan; Saffi, Pedro A. C.; Sturgess, Jason
2024The fall and rebound of average establishment size in West GermanyKovalenko, Tim; Sauerbier, Timo; Schröpf, Benedikt
2024Risky firms and fragile banks: Implications for macroprudential policyGasparini, Tommaso; Lewis, Vivien; Moyen, Stéphane; Villa, Stefania
2024On curbing the rise in energy prices: An examination of different mitigation approachesHinterlang, Natascha; Jäger, Marius; Stähler, Nikolai; Strobel, Johannes
2024On household labour supply in sticky-wage HANK modelsGerke, Rafael; Giesen, Sebastian; Lozej, Matija; Röttger, Joost
2024The transmission of bank liquidity shocks: Evidence from the Eurosystem collateral frameworkHüttl, Pia; Kaldorf, Matthias
2024How good are banks' forecasts?Heckmann, Lotta; Memmel, Christoph
2024Back to the roots of internal credit risk models: Does risk explain why banks' risk-weighted asset levels converge over time?Böhnke, Victoria; Ongena, Steven; Paraschiv, Florentina; Reite, Endre J.
2024Macroprudential capital regulation and fiscal balances in the euro areaHristov, Nikolay; Hülsewig, Oliver; Kolb, Benedikt
2024COVID-19 and the fragmentation of the European interbank marketPala, Melissa
2024Excess reserves and monetary policy tighteningFricke, Daniel; Greppmair, Stefan; Paludkiewicz, Karol
2023Forceful or persistent: Wow the ECB's new inflation target affects households' inflation expectationsHoffmann, Mathias; Mönch, Emanuel; Pavlova, Lora; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2023Households' expectations and regional COVID-19 dynamicsCato, Misina; Schmidt, Tobias
2023Capital reallocation under climate policy uncertaintyKhalil, Makram; Strobel, Felix
2023Banks of a feather: The informational advantage of being alikeBednarek, Peter; Dinger, Valeriya; Schultz, Alison; von Westernhagen, Natalja
2023On the empirical relevance of the exchange rate as a shock absorber at the zero lower boundFinck, David; Hoffmann, Mathias; Hürtgen, Patrick
2023Energy prices and inflation expectations: Evidence from households and firmsWehrhöfer, Nils
2023Towards seasonal adjustment of infra-monthly time series with JDemetra+Webel, Karsten; Smyk, Anna
2023Precision-based sampling for state space models that have no measurement errorMertens, Elmar
2023Banks' net interest margin and changes in the term structureMemmel, Christoph; Heckmann-Draisbach, Lotta
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 604
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