Discussion Papers, Deutsche Bundesbank

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2018 An analysis of non-traditional activities at German savings banks: Does the type of fee and commission income matter?Köhler, Matthias
2018 On the cyclical properties of Hamilton's regression filterSchüler, Yves S.
2018 Mixed frequency models with MA componentsForoni, Claudia; Marcellino, Massimiliano; Stevanović, Dalibor
2018 Financial cycles in euro area economies: A cross-country perspectiveKunovac, Davor; Mandler, Martin; Scharnagl, Michael
2018 Global liquidity and exchange market pressure in emerging market economiesHossfeld, Oliver; Pramor, Marcus
2018 Banks' equity stakes and lending: Evidence from a tax reformvon Beschwitz, Bastian; Foos, Daniel
2018 How far can we forecast? Statistical tests of the predictive contentBreitung, Jörg; Knüppel, Malte
2018 A comprehensive view on risk reporting: Evidence from supervisory dataAbbassi, Puriya; Schmidt, Michael
2018 Cheap talk? Financial sanctions and non-financial activityBesedeš, Tibor; Goldbach, Stefan; Nitsch, Volker
2018 Uncertainty about QE effects when an interest rate peg is anticipatedGerke, Rafael; Giesen, Sebastian; Kienzler, Daniel
2018 Fiscal regimes and the (non)stationarity of debtHollmayr, Josef
2018 A note on the predictive power of survey data in nowcasting euro area GDPKurz-Kim, Jeong-Ryeol
2018 International monetary policy spillovers through the bank funding channelLindner, Peter; Loeffler, Axel; Segalla, Esther; Valitova, Guzel; Vogel, Ursula
2017 The optimal conduct of central bank asset purchasesDarracq-Pariès, Matthieu; Kühl, Michael
2017 Financial crises and the dynamic linkages between stock and bond returnsEraslan, Sercan; Ali, Faek Menla
2017 Will German banks earn their cost of capital?Dombret, Andreas; Gündüz, Yalin; Rocholl, Jörg
2017 The Fisher paradox: A primerGerke, Rafael; Hauzenberger, Klemens
2017 M-PRESS-CreditRisk: A holistic micro- and macroprudential approach to capital requirementsTente, Natalia; von Westernhagen, Natalja; Slopek, Ulf
2017 Cross-border prudential policy spillovers: How much? How important? Evidence from the international banking research networkBuch, Claudia M.; Goldberg, Linda
2017 CDS and credit: Testing the small bang theory of the financial universe with micro dataGündüz, Yalin; Ongena, Steven; Tümer-Alkan, Günseli; Yu, Yuejuan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 293
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