Discussion Papers, Deutsche Bundesbank

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2021 A note of caution on quantifying banks' recapitalization effectsSchmidt, Kirsten; Noth, Felix; Tonzer, Lena
2021 A structural investigation of quantitative easingBöhl, Gregor; Goy, Gavin; Strobel, Felix
2021 Quantifying bias and inaccuracy of upper-level aggregation in HICPs for Germany and the euro areaHerzberg, Julika; Knetsch, Thomas A.; Schwind, Patrick; Weinand, Sebastian
2021 Synthetic leverage and fund risk-takingFricke, Daniel
2021 Toothless tiger with claws? Financial stability communication, expectations, and risk-takingBeutel, Johannes; Metiu, Norbert; Stockerl, Valentin
2021 Liquidity in the German corporate bond market: Has the CSPP made a difference?Boneva, Lena; Islami, Mevlud; Schlepper, Kathi
2021 The role of information and experience for households' inflation expectationsConrad, Christian; Enders, Zeno; Glas, Alexander
2021 Inter-cohort risk sharing with long-term guarantees: Evidence from German participating contractsHombert, Johan; Möhlmann, Axel; Weiß, Matthias
2021 Real estate transaction taxes and credit supplyKoetter, Michael; Marek, Philipp; Mavropoulos, Antonios
2021 Re-allocating taxing rights and minimum tax rates in international profit taxationKempkes, Gerhard; Stähler, Nikolai
2021 Do exchange rates absorb demand shocks at the ZLB?Hoffmann, Mathias; Hürtgen, Patrick
2021 Banks' complexity-risk nexus and the role of regulationMartynova, Natalya; Vogel, Ursula
2021 Precision-based sampling with missing observations: A factor model applicationHauber, Philipp; Schumacher, Christian
2021 What drives the German TARGET balances? Evidence from a BVAR approachBettendorf, Timo; Jochem, Axel
2021 Labor adjustment and productivity in the OECDDossche, Maarten; Gazzani, Andrea; Lewis, Vivien
2021 Lighting up the dark: Liquidity in the German corporate bond marketGündüz, Yalin; Pelizzon, Loriana; Schneider, Michael; Subrahmanyam, Marti G.
2021 The impact of borrower-based instruments on household vulnerability in GermanyBarasinska, Nataliya; Ludwig, Johannes; Vogel, Edgar
2021 Banks fearing the drought? Liquidity hoarding as a response to idiosyncratic interbank funding dry-upsLittke, Helge; Ossandon Busch, Matias
2021 Covid-19 and capital flows: He responses of investors to the responses of governmentsGoldbach, Stefan; Nitsch, Volker
2021 Contagious zombiesBittner, Christian; Fecht, Falko; Georg, Co-Pierre
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 485
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