Bank of Canada Staff Working Papers

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2019 Inequality in parental transfers, borrowing constraints and optimal higher education subsidiesPark, Youngmin
2019 Frictional capital reallocation I: Ex ante heterogeneityWright, Randall D.; Xiao, Sylvia Xiaolin; Zhu, Yu
2019 Corporate debt composition and business cyclesŽivanović, Jelena
2019 A framework for analyzing monetary policy in an economy with e-moneyZhu, Yu; Hendry, Scott
2019 The distributional effects of conventional monetary policy and quantitative easing: Evidence from an estimated DSGE modelHohberger, Stefan; Priftis, Romanos; Vogel, Lukas
2019 Do survey expectations of stock returns reflect risk adjustments?Adam, Klaus; Matveev, Dmitry; Nagel, Stefan
2019 Can capital deepening explain the global decline in labor's share?Glover, Andrew; Short, Jacob
2019 Inflation targeting and liquidity traps under endogenous credibilityHommes, Cars H.; Lustenhouwer, Joep
2019 Macroprudential policy with capital buffersSchroth, Josef
2019 The productivity slowdown in Canada: An ICT phenomenon?Mollins, Jeff; St-Amant, Pierre
2019 Limiting sender's information in Bayesian persuasionIchihashi, Shota
2019 Local labor markets in Canada and the United StatesAlbouy, David; Chernoff, Alex; Lutz, Chandler; Warman, Casey
2019 Firm-level investment under imperfect capital markets in UkraineShcherbakov, Oleksandr
2019 The trend unemployment rate in Canada: Searching for the unobservableBrouillette, Dany; Robitaille, Marie-Noëlle; Savoie-Chabot, Laurence; St-Amant, Pierre; Gueye, Bassirou; Nelson, Elise
2019 Entrepreneurial incentives and the role of initial coin offeringsGarratt, Rod; van Oordt, Maarten R. C.
2019 Estimating the effect of exchange rate changes on total exportsMayer, Thierry; Steingress, Walter
2019 Composite likelihood estimation of an autoregressive panel probit model with random effectsTuzcuoglu, Kerem
2019 Labor mobility in a monetary unionHauser, Daniela; Seneca, Martin
2019 Reassessing trade barriers with global value chainsImura, Yuko
2019 Central bank digital currency and bankingChiu, Jonathan; Davoodalhosseini, Mohammad; Jiang, Janet Hua; Zhu, Yu
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 621