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2021High incentives without high cost: The role of (perceived) stake sizes in dictator gamesHopp, Daniel
2021Buy baits and consumer sophistication: Theory and field evidence from large-scale rebate promotionsRodemeier, Matthias
2020The welfare effects of persuasion and taxation: Theory and evidence from the fieldRodemeier, Matthias; Löschel, Andreas
2020Negative income shocks and the support of environmental policies: Insights from the COVID-19 pandemicLöschel, Andreas; Price, Michael; Razzolini, Laura; Werthschulte, Madeline
2020Trade liberalization and SO2 emissions: Firm-level evidence from China's WTO entryLi, Lei; Löschel, Andreas; Pei, Jiansuo; Sturm, Bodo; Yu, Anqi
2020National brands in hard discounters: Market expansion and bargaining power effectsBonnet, Céline; Bouamra-Mechemache, Zohra; Klein, Gordon
2020Uncertainty and bargaining: A structural econometric approachKlein, Gordon; Rebolledo, Mayra
2020Rebound effects of behavioural efficiency improvements in households' energy services consumption in the presence of demand rigidities and habitsBaikowski, Martin; Koesler, Simon
2020Fiber-broadband-intenet and its regional impact: An empirical investigationKlein, Gordon
2020When nudges fail to scale: Field experimental evidence from goal setting on mobile phonesLöschel, Andreas; Rodemeier, Matthias; Werthschulte, Madeline
2020Uncertainty, bargaining power and bargaining solutions: An empirical applicationKlein, Gordon; Rebolledo, Mayra
2020M&A, uncertainty, and bargaining power: Evidence from the German retail sectorRebolledo, Mayra
2020"Pay-later" vs. "pay-as-you-go": Experimental evidence on present-biased overconsumption and the importance of timingWerthschulte, Madeline
2019The rebound effect and its representation in energy and climate modelsColmenares, Gloria; Löschel, Andreas; Madlener, Reinhard
2019Cost misperceptions and energy consumption: Experimental evidence for present bias and biased price beliefsWerthschulte, Madeline; Löschel, Andreas
2019A normative analysis of subsidization of all-electric vehicles in GermanyMalina, Christiane
2019Do voluntary environmental programs reduce emissions? EMAS in the German manufacturing sectorKube, Roland; von Graevenitz, Kathrine; Löschel, Andreas; Massier, Philipp
2019Can religious institutions promote sustainable behavior? Field experimental evidence on donations towards a carbon-offsetting fundFeldhaus, Christoph; Gleue, Marvin; Löschel, Andreas
2019What drives total real unit energy costs globally? A novel LMDI decomposition approachKaltenegger, Oliver
2018The natural interest rate in OLG modelling: A rehabilitationvan Suntum, Ulrich
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 118
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