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2013The case for four percent inflationBall, Laurence M.
2012Informational loss in bundled bargainingChen, Ying; Eraslan, Hülya
2012Forecasting interest ratesDuffee, Gregory R.
2012Ambiguity attitudes: An experimental investigationCharness, Gary; Karni, Edi; Levin, Dan
2012Misclassification errors and the underestimation of the US unemployment rateFeng, Shuaizhang; Hu, Yingyao
2012Estimating a model of strategic network choice: The convenience-store industry in OkinawaNishida, Mitsukuni
2012Mandatory versus discretionary spending: The status quo effectBowen, T. Renee; Chen, Ying; Eraslan, Hülya
2012Okun's Law: Fit at 50?Ball, Laurence M.; Leigh, Daniel; Loungani, Prakash
2012The US employment-population reversal in the 2000s: Facts and explanationsMoffitt, Robert A.
2012Implications of wealth heterogeneity for macroeconomicsCarroll, Christopher D.
2012Maharam-types and Lyapunov's theorem for vector measures on Banach spacesKhan, M. Ali; Sagara, Nobusumi
2012"Reverse Bayesianism": A choice-based theory of growing awarenessKarni, Edi; Vierø, Marie-Louise
2012Ben Bernanke and the zero boundBall, Laurence M.
2012Dissecting saving dynamics: Measuring wealth, precautionary, and credit effectsCarroll, Christopher; Slacalek, Jiri; Sommer, Martin
2012Expected multi-utility representationsGalaabaatar, Tsogbadral; Karni, Edi
2012Bond pricing and the macroeconomyDuffee, Gregory R.
2012Evaluating mergers for coordinated effects and the role of 'parallel accommodating conduct'Harrington, Joseph E.
2012A theory of tacit collusionHarrington, Joseph E.
2012The economics of options-implied inflation probability density functionsKitsul, Yuriy; Wright, Jonathan H.
2011Trends in the transitory variance of male earnings in the US, 1970 - 2004Moffitt, Robert; Gottschalk, Peter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 147