CeDEx Discussion Paper Series, The University of Nottingham

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023At the top of the mind: Peak prices and the disposition effectQuispe-Torreblanca, Edika; Hume, David; Gathergood, John; Loewenstein, George; Stewart, Neil
2023Endogenous network formation in local public goods: An experimental analysisChen, Ying; Lane, Tom; Macdonald, Stuart
2023Born to wait? A study on allocation rules in booking systemsHuang, Lingbo; Liu, Tracy Xiao; Zhang, Jun
2023"IOS11": A new, extended, interactive version of the "Inclusion of Other in the Self" scaleBaader, Malte; Starmer, Chris; Tufano, Fabio; Gächter, Simon
2023The role of social norms in zero price effectsZhang, Xian; Lane, Tom; Grisolia, Jose M.
2023When is high turnover cheaper? A simple model of cost tradeoffs in a long-distance truckload motor carrier, with empirical evidence and policy implicationsBurks, Stephen V.; Kildegaard, Arne; Miller, Jason; Monaco, Kristen A.
2023The normative permissiveness of political partyismLane, Tom; Miller, Luis; Rodriguez, Isabel
2023Social reference points and real-effort provisionMaus, Patrick; Montero, María; Sefton, Martin
2023The strategic use of social identityLane, Tom
2023Preventing payments fraud in the FinTech era: New evidence from a behavioural experimentAkesson, Jesper; Gathergood, John; Quispe-Torreblanca, Edika
2023Does increasing inequality threaten social stability? Evidence from the labBarr, Abigail; Hochleitner, Anna; Sonderegger, Silvia
2023Market exposure, civic values, and rulesRustagi, Devesh
2023Equal before the (expressive power of) law?Görges, Luise; Lane, Tom; Nosenzo, Daniele; Sonderegger, Silvia
2022Reverse Bayesianism and act independenceChakravarty, Surajeet; Kelsey, David; Teitelbaum, Joshua C.
2022Preferences and perceptions in provision and maintenance public goodsGächter, Simon; Kölle, Felix; Quercia, Simone
2022Fairness in times of crisis: Negative shocks, relative income and preferences for redistributionHochleitner, Anna
2022Greedy demand adjustment in cooperative gamesMontero, María; Possajennikov, Alexandre
2022Preventive warsAbbink, Klaus; Dong, Lu; Huang, Lingbo
2022Historical self-governance and norms of cooperationRustagi, Devesh
2022The variability of conditional cooperation in sequential prisoner's dilemmasGächter, Simon; Lee, Kyeongtae; Sefton, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 274