CeDEx Discussion Paper Series, The University of Nottingham

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 An inquiry into the nature and causes of the description - experience gapCubitt, Robin P.; Kopsacheilis, Orestis; Starmer, Chris
2020 Him or her? Choosing competition on behalf of someone elseFornwagner, Helena; Pompeo, Monika; Serdarevic, Nina
2020 Risk, temptation, and efficiency in prisoner's dilemmasGächter, Simon; Lee, Kyeongtae; Sefton, Martin
2020 The coordinating power of social normsFallucchi, Francesco; Nosenzo, Daniele
2020 Working too much for too little: Stochastic rewards cause work addictionCorgnet, Brice; Gächter, Simon; Hernán González, Roberto
2020 Affirmative action through endogenous set-asidesAlcalde, José; Dahm, Matthias
2020 Minority protection in voting mechanisms: Experimental evidenceEngelmann, Dirk; Gruener, Hans Peter; Hoffmann, Timo; Possajennikov, Alexandre
2020 The Brexit referendum and the rise in hate crime: Conforming to the new normAlbornoz, Facundo; Bradley, Jake; Sonderegger, Silvia
2020 Governance and group conflictKoelle, Felix
2020 Communication with partially verifiable information: An experimentBurdea, Valeria; Montero Muñoz, María; Sefton, Martin
2020 Financial decision-making, gender and social norms in Zambia: Preliminary report on the quantitative data generation, analysis and resultsBarr, Abigail; Dekker, Marleen; Mwansa, Floyd; Zuze, Tia Linda
2020 Conditional punishment: Descriptive social norms drive negative reciprocityLi, Xueheng; Molleman, Lucas; Van Dolder, Dennie
2020 Institutions, opportunism and prosocial behavior: Some experimental evidenceCabrales, Antonio; Clots-Figueras, Irma; Hernán González, Roberto; Kujal, Praveen
2020 Confidence snowballing and relative performance feedbackMurad, Zahra; Starmer, Chris
2020 The differential impact of friendship on cooperative and competitive coordinationChierchia, Gabriele; Tufano, Fabio; Coricelli, Giorgio
2020 Social distance, speed of containment, and crowding in/out in a network model of contagionAdriani, Fabrizio
2019 Arms races and conflict: Experimental evidenceAbbink, Klaus; Dong, Lu; Huang, Lingbo
2019 When a nudge backfires: Using observation with social and economic incentives to promote pro-social behaviorBolton, Gary E.; Dimant, Eugen; Schmidt, Ulrich
2019 Nudging with care: The risks and benefits of social informationBicchieri, Cristina; Dimant, Eugen
2019 It's not a lie if you believe it: On norms, lying, and self-serving belief distortionBicchieri, Cristina; Dimant, Eugen; Sonderegger, Silvia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 231