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2017 The ambivalent role of religion for sustainable development: A review of the empirical evidenceBasedau, Matthias; Gobien, Simone; Prediger, Sebastian
2017 The politics of institutional reform and post-conflict violence in NepalStrasheim, Julia
2017 The anxious and the climbers: Ambivalent attitudes towards democracy among South Africa's middle classSchotte, Simone
2017 The effects of energy price changes: Heterogeneous Welfare impacts, energy poverty, and CO2 emissions in IndonesiaRenner, Sebastian; Lay, Jann; Schleicher, Michael
2017 Transitional justice, recognition, and authoritative powerOettler, Anika
2017 New horizons for Germany's Africa policyKappel, Robert
2017 Household welfare and CO2 emission impacts of energy and carbon taxes in MexicoRenner, Sebastian; Lay, Jann; Greve, Hannes
2017 Ousted from the bench? Judicial departures in consolidating democraciesLlanos, Mariana; Heyl, Charlotte; Lucas, Viola; Stroh, Alexander; Tibi Weber, Cordula
2017 A situational theory of pork-barrel politics: The shifting logic of discretionary allocations in IndiaSharma, Chanchal Kumar
2017 How authoritarian rulers seek to legitimise repression: Framing mass killings in Egypt and UzbekistanEdel, Mirjam; Josua, Maria
2017 Secondary powers vis-à-vis South Africa: Hard balancing, soft balancing, rejection of followership, and disregard of leadershipScholvin, Sören
2017 Federalism and foreign direct investment: How political affiliation determines the spatial distribution of FDI - Evidence from IndiaSharma, Chanchal Kumar
2017 At Africa's expense? Disaggregating the social impact of Chinese mining operationsWegenast, Tim; Strüver, Georg; Giesen, Juliane; Krauser, Mario
2016 Institutionalising civilian control of the military in new democracies: Theory and evidence from South KoreaKuehn, David
2016 The consequences of appointment policies for court legitimacy in Benin: A network analysis approachStroh, Alexander
2016 Non-contributory social transfer programmes in developing countries: A new data set and research agendaDodlova, Marina; Giolbas, Anna; Lay, Jann
2016 Honduras as a complex adaptive system and what it means for the European Union: The case of violenceLehmann, Kai Enno
2016 Do associations support authoritarian rule? Tentative answers from Algeria, Mozambique, and VietnamWischermann, Jörg; Bunk, Bettina; Köllner, Patrick; Lorch, Jasmin
2016 Fleeing the peace? Determinants of outward migration after civil warHaaß, Felix; Kurtenbach, Sabine; Strasheim, Julia
2016 Agua, democratización ambiental y fronteras extractivas en ColombiaRoa García, María Cecilia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 290
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