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2019 Cuba's new social structure: Assessing the re-stratification of Cuban society 60 years after revolutionHansing, Katrin; Hoffmann, Bert
2019 India's social policies: Recent changes for the better and their causesBetz, Joachim
2018 When Do Religious Minorities' Grievances Lead to Peaceful or Violent Protest? Evidence from Canada’s Jewish and Muslim CommunitiesHuber, Christoph; Basedau, Matthias
2018 Constrained Potential: A Characterisation of Mexican MicroenterprisesNegrete Garcia, Ana Karen
2018 Large-Scale Farms and Smallholders: Evidence from ZambiaLay, Jann; Nolte, Kerstin; Sipangule, Kacana
2018 Why It Matters What We Do: Arab Citizens' Perceptions of the European Union after the 2011 UprisingsThyen, Kressen
2018 Russian Norm Entrepreneurship in Crimea: Serious Contestation or Cheap Talk?Jose, Betcy; Stefes, Christoph H.
2017 The Ambivalent Role of Religion for Sustainable Development: A Review of the Empirical EvidenceBasedau, Matthias; Gobien, Simone; Prediger, Sebastian
2017 A Situational Theory of Pork-Barrel Politics: The Shifting Logic of Discretionary Allocations in IndiaSharma, Chanchal Kumar
2017 New Horizons for Germany's Africa PolicyKappel, Robert
2017 Secondary Powers vis-à-vis South Africa: Hard Balancing, Soft Balancing, Rejection of Followership, and Disregard of LeadershipScholvin, Sören
2017 The Politics of Institutional Reform and Post-Conflict Violence in NepalStrasheim, Julia
2017 The Effects of Energy Price Changes: Heterogeneous Welfare Impacts, Energy Poverty, and CO2 Emissions in IndonesiaRenner, Sebastian; Lay, Jann; Schleicher, Michael
2017 Household Welfare and CO2 Emission Impacts of Energy and Carbon Taxes in MexicoRenner, Sebastian; Lay, Jann; Greve, Hannes
2017 Transitional Justice, Recognition, and Authoritative PowerOettler, Anika
2017 The Anxious and the Climbers: Ambivalent Attitudes towards Democracy among South Africa's Middle ClassSchotte, Simone
2017 Ousted from the Bench? Judicial Departures in Consolidating DemocraciesLlanos, Mariana; Heyl, Charlotte; Lucas, Viola; Stroh, Alexander; Tibi Weber, Cordula
2017 How Authoritarian Rulers Seek to Legitimise Repression: Framing Mass Killings in Egypt and UzbekistanEdel, Mirjam; Josua, Maria
2017 At Africa's Expense? Disaggregating the Social Impact of Chinese Mining OperationsWegenast, Tim; Strüver, Georg; Giesen, Juliane; Krauser, Mario
2017 Federalism and Foreign Direct Investment: How Political Affiliation Determines the Spatial Distribution of FDI – Evidence from IndiaSharma, Chanchal Kumar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 308
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