IAB-Discussion Paper, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)

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2019 Arbeitsmarkt und Arbeitskräftemobilität in der Deutsch-Französischen GrenzregionKnörr, Marlene; Weber, Enzo
2019 Which factors are behind Germany's labour market upswing?Hutter, Christian; Klinger, Sabine; Weber, Enzo; Trenkler, Carsten
2019 Why do women earn more than men in some regions? Explaining regional differences in the gender pay gap in GermanyFuchs, Michaela; Rossen, Anja; Weyh, Antje; Wydra-Somaggio, Gabriele
2019 Say it like Goethe: Language learning facilities abroad and the self-selection of immigrantsJaschke, Philipp; Keita, Sekou
2019 Heterogeneous displacement effects of migrant labor supply: Quasi-experimental evidence from GermanyScharfbillig, Mario; Weißler, Marco
2019 Heterogeneity in marginal returns to language training of immigrantsGiesecke, Matthias; Schuss, Eric
2019 GDP-employment decoupling and the slow-down of productivity growth in GermanyKlinger, Sabine; Weber, Enzo
2019 Do social networks mitigate stigma effects from long-term unemployment?Rebien, Martina
2019 The IAB-INCHER project of earned doctorates (IIPED): A supervised machine learning approach to identify doctorate recipients in the German integrated employment biography dataHeinisch, Dominik; Koenig, Johannes; Otto, Anne
2019 Do minimum wages improve self-rated health? Evidence from a natural experimentHafner, Lucas; Lochner, Benjamin
2019 Auswirkungen flexibler Arbeitszeiten auf die Gesundheit von BeschäftigtenKrug, Gerhard; Kemna, Kirsten; Hartosch, Katja
2019 The urban wage premium in imperfect labour marketsHirsch, Boris; Jahn, Elke J.; Manning, Alan; Oberfichtner, Michael
2019 Sequential versus non-sequential search among German employers: Evidence from a job vacancy surveyGürtzgen, Nicole; Moczall, Andreas
2019 Benefit underreporting in survey data and its consequences for measuring non-take-up: New evidence from linked administrative and survey dataBruckmeier, Kerstin; Riphahn, Regina T.; Wiemers, Jürgen
2019 Hartz IV and the decline of German unemployment: A macroeconomic evaluationHochmuth, Brigitte; Kohlbrecher, Britta; Merkl, Christian; Gartner, Hermann
2019 Wages of migrant and native employees in Germany: New light on an old issueBrunow, Stephan; Jost, Oskar
2019 Age diversity and innovation: Do mixed teams of "old and experienced" and "young and restless" employees foster companies' innovativeness?Hammermann, Andrea; Niendorf, Matthias; Schmidt, Jörg
2019 Early child care and maternal employment: Empirical evidence from GermanyZimmert, Franziska
2019 Electromobility 2035: Economic and labour market effects through the electrification of powertrains in passenger carsMönnig, Anke; Schneemann, Christian; Weber, Enzo; Zika, Gerd; Helmrich, Robert
2019 Does facilitated access to the health system improve asylum-seekers' health outcomes? Evidence from a quasi-experimentJaschke, Philipp; Kosyakova, Yuliya
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 446