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2020 Krankheitskostenanalyse bei Patienten mit chronischen RückenschmerzenOssendorf, Andreas
2020 Aid for Trade and Services Export Diversification in Recipient-CountriesGnangnon, Sena Kimm
2019 International Spillovers of U.S. Monetary PolicyDemir, Ishak
2019 Monetary Policy Autonomy and International Monetary SpilloversDemir, Ishak
2019 An evaluation of alternative fiscal adjustment plansAcocella, Nicola; Beqiraj, Elton; Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni; Di Pietro, Marco; Felici, Francesco
2019 Market-Based Redispatch in Zonal Electricity Markets: Inc-Dec Gaming as a Consequence of Inconsistent Power Market Design (not Market Power)Hirth, Lion; Schlecht, Ingmar
2019 Homo Oeconomicus im Treibhaus Erde: Umweltpolitische Herausforderungen aus polit-ökonomischer PerspektiveMause, Karsten
2019 The "Armey Curve" in Bulgaria (2000-18): Theoretical Considerations and Empirical ResultsVasilev, Aleksandar
2019 Umsetzung der europäischen Binnenmarktrichtlinie für Elektrizität (96/92/EG) und deren wettbewerbliche FolgenSeeliger, Andreas
2019 Explaining the evolution of ethnicity differentials in academic achievements: The role of time investmentsNguyen, Ha Trong; Connelly, B. Luke; Le, Huong Thu; Mitrou, Francis; Taylor, L. Catherine; Zubrick, R. Stephen
2019 Fuzzy Profit Shifting: A Model for Optimal Tax-induced Transfer Pricing with Fuzzy Arm's Length ParameterRathke, Alex A.T.
2019 Valuing water services: A review of what water pricing and demand management would mean for Nairobi cityOtieno, James Origa
2019 Environmental Effects of Capital Income Taxation - A New Double Dividend?Ritter, Hendrik; Runkel, Marco; Zimmermann, Karl
2019 Bank Capital Regulation in a Zero Interest EnvironmentDöttling, Robin
2019 Publication Bias under Aggregation Frictions: Theory, Evidence, and a New Correction MethodFurukawa, Chishio
2019 Individual Discount Rates: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental EvidenceMatousek, Jindrich; Havranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana
2019 The Valuation of Financial Derivatives Subject to Counterparty Risk and Credit Value AdjustmentXiao, Tim
2019 Credit access and credit constraints of small farms in SlovakiaBendelová, Marta Paula
2019 Quantile coherency networks of international stock marketsBaumöhl, Eduard; Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain
2019 Designing an Industrial Policy for Developing Countries: A New ApproachHaeri, Ali; Arabmazar, Abbas
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 621
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