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2023A Novel Default Risk Prediction and Feature Importance Analysis Technique for Marketplace Lending using Machine LearningImam, Sana Hassan; Huhn, Sebastian; Hornuf, Lars; Drechsler, Rolf
2023The Impact of COVID-19 on Demand and Lending Behavior in Prosocial P2P LendingPriberny, Christopher
202354th Konstanz Seminar on Monetary Theory and Policy 2023Hildebrandt, Sebastian; Stiepelmann, Gero
2023Towards a Theory on Dominant Business Model Emergence of Marketplace Lending in GermanyPur, Sabine; Huesig, Stefan; Schmidhammer, Christoph
2023German FinTech Companies: A Market Overview and Volume EstimatesDorfleitner, Gregor; Kreppmeier, Julia; Laschinger, Ralf
2023FinTech and the Digital Transformation in the Financial IndustryDorfleitner, Gregor; Hornuf, Lars
2023Specialized Financial Intermediaries and the Impact of Savings and Loan Contracts on Real Estate FinanceMolterer, Manuel; Amon, Julian; Tyrell, Marcel
2023On the Valuation and Analysis of Risky Debt: A Theoretical Approach Using a Multivariate Extension of the Merton ModelFischer, Edwin O.; Kampl, Lisa-Maria; Woeckl, Ines
2023The Development of Central Bank Independence: Empirical EvidenceHöfer, Andreas; Jaenke, Katrin
2022Credit and Capital Markets: From 2022 Onwards Subscribe-to-Open-JournalBurghof, Hans-Peter; Hakenes, Hendrik; Neyer, Ulrike
2022The EFA Annual Meeting 2021 in Milan, Italy, and Shifts in Focus Regarding Contents from 2009 to 2021Breuer, Wolfgang
2022Does Target Firm's Earnings Management Affect Shareholder's Gains? Evidence from ChinaMughal, Azhar; Haque, Abdul; Zahid, Zohaib; Ali, Furman; Li, Zheng
2022What Drives Financing Decisions of SMEs? A Survey of German Bank AdvisersGoeck, Marco; Walther, Ursula
202253rd Konstanz Seminar on Monetary Theory and Policy 2022Hildebrand, Sebastian; Stiepelmann, Gero
2022Modern Monetary Theory, Fiscal Dominance and the European Central BankPrinz, Aloys; Beck, Hanno
2022The EFA Annual Meeting 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, and the Ascension of New Topics from a European and a German ViewBreuer, Wolfgang
2022Central Bank Digital Currency and Cash in the Euro Area: Current Developments and one Specific ProposalRösl, Gerhard; Seitz, Franz
202252nd Konstanz Seminar on Monetary Theory and Monetary PolicyDobkowitz, Sonja; Gnewuch, Matthias; Weiß, Maximilian
2022Memorial Event for Ansgar Belke, November 25–26th, 2021 in EssenClausen, Volker
2022Insider Trading and Fraudulent Share RepurchaseWang, Du; Li, Xiang; Tang, Hui; Sun, Yicheng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1347