Working Papers "Sustainability and Innovation", Fraunhofer ISI

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2020 Ein Update zur Klimabilanz von ElektrofahrzeugenWietschel, Martin
2020 Poor energy ratings when appliances convey?Faure, Corinne; Schleich, Joachim
2019 A survey-based approach to estimate residential electricity consumption at municipal level in GermanyHuang, Charlotte; Elsland, Rainer
2019 Environmental product innovations and the digital transformation of production: Analysing the influence that digitalising production has on generating environmental product innovationsGotsch, Matthias; Kelnhofer, Anton; Jäger, Angela
2019 Conveyance and the moderating effect of envy on homeowners' choice of appliancesSchleich, Joachim; Faure, Corinne; Guetlein, Marie-Charlotte; Tu, Gengyang
2019 Transition towards socially sustainable behavior? A comparison of cases from the smartphone and garment industriesBodenheimer, Miriam
2019 Die aktuelle Treibhausgasemissionsbilanz von Elektrofahrzeugen in DeutschlandWietschel, Martin; Kühnbach, Matthias; Rüdiger, David
2019 Alternative Antriebe im straßengebundenen Schwerlastverkehr: Eine quantitative Ermittlung der Nutzeranforderungen an schwere Lkw und deren InfrastrukturKluschke, Philipp; Uebel, Maren; Wietschel, Martin
2019 Adoption of retrofit measures among home-owners in EU countries: The effects of access to capital and debt aversionSchleich, Joachim; Faure, Corinne; Meissner, Thomas
2019 Moral licensing and rebound effects in the residential lighting area: An experimental studyEberling, Elisabeth; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Eckartz, Katharina Marie; Schuler, Johannes
2019 Water demand responds asymmetrically to rising and falling pricesSchleich, Joachim; Hillenbrand, Thomas
2019 Fairness- and cost-effectiveness-based approaches to effort-sharing under the Paris agreementWachsmuth, Jakob; Denishchenkova, Alexandra; Fekete, Hanna; Parra, Paola; Schaeffer, Michiel; Ancygier, Andrzej; Sferra, Fabio
2018 Transition towards socially sustainable behavior? An analysis of the smartphone sectorBodenheimer, Miriam
2018 Transition-scenarios towards socially sustainable global value chains: Insights from the SONA WSK ForesightWarnke, Philine; Schirrmeister, Elna
2018 Sustainability transitions in local communities: District heating, water systems and communal housing projectsKöhler, Jonathan Hugh; Hohmann, Claudia; Dütschke, Elizabeth
2018 Consumer evaluation of public charging infrastructure for electric vehiclesGlobisch, Joachim; Plötz, Patrick; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Wietschel, Martin
2018 Sustainability impacts of mode shift scenarios on major European corridorsSieber, Niklas; Doll, Claus; Van Hassel, Edwin; Köhler, Jonathan; Vaneslander, Thierry
2018 Techno-economic modelling of low-voltage networks: A concept to determine the grid investment required in Germany and the implications for grid utilisation feesMarwitz, Simon; Elsland, Rainer
2018 How much load flexibility can a euro buy? Findings from a choice experiment with companies in the German commerce and services sectorOlsthoorn, Mark; Schleich, Joachim; Wohlfarth, Katharina; Klobasa, Marian
2018 Auswirkung der Elektromobilität auf die Haushaltsstrompreise in DeutschlandWietschel, Martin; Kühnbach, Matthias; Stute, Judith; Gnann, Till; Marwitz, Simon; Klobasa, Marian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 137
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