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2022 Fighting Covid-19 amidst Civil Conflict: Micro-Level Evidence from Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Verwimp, Philip
2022 Grading Bias and Young Adult Mental HealthLinder, Anna; Nordin, Martin; Gerdtham, Ulf-G.; Heckley, Gawain
2022 Foreign Ownership and Transferring of Gender NormsHalvarsson, Daniel; Lark, Olga; Gustavsson Tingvall, Patrik
2022 Building Bridges: The Effect of Major Infrastructure Development on TradePersson, Maria; Soegaard, Christian; Welander Tärneberg, Anna
2022 Well-Informed Choices? Effects of Information Interventions in Primary Care on Care QualityAnell, Anders; Dietrichson, Jens; Ellegård, Lina Maria; Kjellsson, Gustav
2022 The Risks of Adopting the Bond Yield as the Anchor for the EU Fiscal FrameworkAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jonung, Lars
2022 Multiple Pricing for Personal Assistance ServicesAndersson, Tommy; Ellegård, Lina Maria; Enache, Andreea; Erlanson, Albin; Thami, Prakriti
2022 Sibling Gender, Inheritance Customs and Educational Attainment: Evidence from Matrilineal and Patrilineal SocietiesCollins, Matthew
2022 School ChoiceAbdulkadiroglu, Atila; Andersson, Tommy
2022 The Problems of Inflation Targeting Originate in the Monetary Theory of Knut WicksellJonung, Lars
2021 Gale's Fixed Tax for Exchanging HousesAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar; Tierney, Ryan
2021 Peer Gender and Mental HealthGetik, Demid; Meier, Armando
2021 Bootstrap Improved Inference for Factor-Augmented Regressions with CCEDe Vos, Ignace; Stauskas, Ovidijus
2021 Non-Standard ErrorsVilhelmsson, Anders
2021 Motivated Risk AssessmentsIslam, Marco
2021 Early Socialization and the Gender Wage GapGetik, Demid; Meier, Armando N.
2021 Estimation of Panel Data Models with Interactive Effects and Multiple Structural Breaks When T Is FixedKaddoura, Yousef; Westerlund, Joakim
2021 Cycling and Categorical Learning in Decentralized Adverse Selection EconomiesJehiel, Philippe; Mohlin, Erik
2021 A Study of the Romer and Romer Monetary Policy Shocks Using Revised DataAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Kilman, Josefin
2021 A Scenario Analysis of the Potential Effects of Decarbonization on the Profitability of the Energy-Intensive and Natural-Resource-Based IndustriesAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 524