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2023 Assessing China's power sector low-carbon transition: A framing paperHove, Anders
2023 China's hydrogen development: A tale of three citiesMiller-Wang, Arabella
2023 EU solidarity at a time of gas crisis: Even with a will the way still looks difficultYafimava, Katja
2023 The EU hydrogen and gas decarbonisation package: Help or hindrance for the development of a European hydrogen market?Barnes, Alex
2023 Waste not, want not: Europe's untapped potential to generate valuable negative emissions from waste-to-energy (WtE) using carbon capture technologyMuslemani, Hasan; Struthers, Iain; Herraiz, Laura; Thomson, Camilla; Lucquiaud, Mathieu
2023 Key Themes for the Global Energy Economy in 2023The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2023 Nuclear power in China: Its role in national energy policyAndrews-Speed, Philip
2023 Gas sector reforms in India: How will it change the market outlook?Zamre, Nitin
2023 Financing a world scale hydrogen export projectCraen, Stephen
2022 Measurement, reporting, and verification of methane emissions from natural gas and LNG trade: Creating transparent and credible frameworksStern, Jonathan P.
2022 Key themes for the global energy economy in 2022The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2022 Financing the energy transition: The role, opportunities and challenges of green bondsMaino, Andrea Giulio
2022 Cost-competitive green hydrogen: How to lower the cost of electrolysers?Patonia, Aliaksei; Poudineh, Rahmatallah
2022 Potential development of renewable hydrogen imports to European markets until 2030Lenivova, Veronika
2022 Steeling the race: "Green steel" as the new clean material in the automotive sectorMuslemani, Hasan; Ascui, Francisco; Xi, Liang; Kaesehage, Katharina; Wilson, Jeffrey
2022 Central banks' "Green Shift" and the energy transitionEliet-Doillet, Alice; Maino, Andrea Giulio
2022 India's progress on its climate action plan: An update in early 2022Mukherjee, Mohua
2022 India's mass-market clean mobility initiatives and its unique, customized business models for light electric vehiclesMukherjee, Mohua
2022 Achieving net zero plus reliable energy supply in Germany by 2045: The essential role of CO2 sequestrationDickel, Ralf
2022 The role of nuclear energy in the global energy transitionDavis, Anna J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 114