Economics Working Paper Series, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

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2023The initial and dynamic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on crime in New ZealandCheung, Lydia; Gunby, Philip
2023Sexual orientation and earnings in New ZealandCarpenter, Christopher; Dasgupta, Kabir; Plum, Alexander
2023Workplace health and safety and the future of work: Evidence from linked-unit record dataHennecke, Juliane; Meehan, Lisa; Pacheco, Gail
2023The effect of a minor health shock on labour market outcomes: The case of concussionsFouquet, Florian; Meehan, Lisa; Pacheco, Gail; Theadom, Alice
2023Banking on snow: Bank capital, risk, and employmentBaumgartner, Simon; Stomper, Alex; Schober, Thomas; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2023Basic reading and mathematics skills and the labour market outcomes of young people: Evidence from PISA and linked administrative dataMeehan, Lisa; Pacheco, Gail; Schober, Thomas
2022State Dependence in Immunization and the Role of Discouraging InformationDasgupta, Kabir; Pacheco, Gail; Plum, Alexander
2022Wealth and income inequality in the long runLieberknecht, Philipp; Vermeulen, Philip
2022Effects of Minimum Wage Increases on Teenage Employment: Survey Versus Administrative Datavan der Westhuizen, de Wet
2022Skills, Economic Crises and the Labour MarketDasgupta, Kabir; Plum, Alexander
2022Evidence on the variation of idiosyncratic risk in house price appreciationGalimberti, Jaqueson K.; Cheung, Lydia; Vermeulen, Philip
2021Unanimity under AmbiguityFabrizi, Simona; Lippert, Steffen; Pan, Addison; Ryan, Matthew Joseph
2021The Climate PoLicy ANalysis (C-PLAN) Model, Version 1.0Winchester, Niven; White, Dominic
2021Initial Beliefs Uncertainty and Information Weighting in the Estimation of Models with Adaptive LearningGalimberti, Jaqueson
2021Persistent and Transient Inefficiency of Australian States and Territories in Providing Public Hospital Services: An Application of Bayesian Stochastic Finite Mixture Frontier AnalysisAndrews, Antony; Kimpton, Sean; Temoso, Omphile
2021Is It Time to Let go of the Past? Effect of Clean Slate Regulation on Employment and EarningsDasgupta, Kabir; Ghimire, Keshar; Plum, Alexander
2021Suddenly a Stay-At-Home Dad? Short- and Long-term Consequences of Fathers' Job Loss on Time Investment in the HouseholdHennecke, Juliane; Pape, Astrid
2021Do You Really Want to Share Everything? The Wellbeing of Work-Linked CouplesHennecke, Juliane; Hetschko, Clemens
2020Forecasting GDP growth from outer spaceGalimberti, Jaqueson K.
2020Measuring Inequality using Geospatial DataGalimberti, Jaqueson; Pichler, Stefan; Pleninger, Regina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 103