Working Papers of the German Research Foundation's Priority Programme 1859 "Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour", Humboldt University Berlin

ISSN: 2510-053X

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2023 Testing for differences in survey-based density expectations: A compositional data approachDovern, Jonas; Glas, Alexander; Kenny, Geoff
2023 Experience effects in economics lessons from past and current crisesMalmendier, Ulrike
2023 Eliciting expectation uncertainty from private householdsDovern, Jonas
2023 Changing Forecasts - Forecasting Change: The US market for savings deposits in econometric models and the market for econometric models among depository institutions, 1960s to 1980sKnake, Sebastian
2023 The German inflation trauma: Weimar's policy lessons between persistence and reconstructionBarkhausen, David; Teupe, Sebastian
2022 A mirror to the world. Taking the German news magazine Der Spiegel into a topic modeling/sentiment perspectiveWehrheim, Lino
2022 Heterogeneous savers and their inflation expectation during German industrialization: Social class, wealth, and genderLehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle H.; Neumayer, Andreas; Streb, Jochen
2022 Risk management, expectations and global finance: The case of Deutsche Bank 1970-1990Nützenadel, Alexander
2022 Identity, instability, and investors: An empirical investigation of the home biasHuning, Thilo R.; Wahl, Fabian
2021 Turn, turn, turn: A digital history of German historiography, 1950-2019Wehrheim, Lino; Jopp, Tobias Alexander; Spoerer, Mark
2021 The sound of silence: On the (in)visibility of economists in the mediaWehrheim, Lino
2021 Optimism gone bad? The persistent effects of traumatic experiences on investment decisionsKim, Chi Hyun
2020 German forecasters' narratives: How informative are German business cycle forecast reports?Müller, Karsten
2020 Business-cycle reports and the efficiency of macroeconomic forecasts for GermanyFoltas, Alexander; Pierdzioch, Christian
2020 Testing investment forecast efficiency with textual dataFoltas, Alexander
2020 On the efficiency of German growth forecasts: An empirical analysis using quantile random forestsFoltas, Alexander; Pierdzioch, Christian
2020 The role of information and experience for households' inflation expectationsConrad, Christian; Enders, Zeno; Glas, Alexander
2020 Foreign debt, capital controls, and secondary markets: Theory and evidence from Nazi GermanyPapadia, Andrea; Schioppa, Claudio A.
2020 Diskurs, Narrativ, Sonderweg, Hitler, Turn: Konjunkturen geschichtswissenschaftlicher Begriffe im "Clio Viewer"Wehrheim, Lino; Jopp, Tobias Alexander; Spoerer, Mark
2020 German trade forecasts since 1970: An evaluation using the panel dimensionBehrens, Christoph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41
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