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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021Robin Hood in reverse: Persistence and barriers to redistributive fiscal policyCavalcante, Pedro
2021Current unemployment variance decomposition and consequences of using proxiesCorseuil, Carlos Henrique; Foguel, Miguel Nathan; Moreira, Ajax
2021Judicial attitudes under shifting jurisprudence: Evidence from Brazil's new drug law of 2006Alexandre Samy de Castro
2021Measuring the impact of the OECD guidelines for multinational companiesMueller, Bernardo; Roviello, Felipe Yudi
2021International city's networks and diplomacyBalbim, Renato
2021Are fiscal VAR's non-fundamentalness easily reversible through the addition of informative variables?Vonbun, Christian; Lima, Elcyon Caiado Rocha
2021Brazil's participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations: Evolution, challenges, and opportunitiesAndrade, Israel de Oliveira; Hamann, Eduarda Passarelli; Soares, Matheus Augusto
2021Agribusiness trade between Brazil and China: Pillars and opportunitiesNonnenberg, Marcelo José Braga; Lima, Uallace Moreira; Araujo, Mateus Azevedo; Pedrosa, Fernanda; Bispo, Scarlett Queen Almeida
2020Fiscal fatigue and public debt limit in Brazil: Are we on sustainable path?Pereira, Rodrigo Mendes
2020Implications of Brazilian Institutional Guidelines on educational efficiencyLavagnole, Marcus Gerardus; Becker, Kalinca Lea; Mário Jorge Cardoso de Mendonça
2020Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine: National defense and technological externalitiesAndrade, Israel de Oliveira; Márcio Magno de Farias Franco e Silva; Hillebrand, Giovanni Roriz Lyra; Franco, Luiz Gustavo Aversa
2020Tenure choice: Fundamentals and a simulationFurtado, Bernardo Alves; de Moraes Souza, João Gabriel
2020Brazil in Antarctica: The scientific and geopolitical importance of PROANTAR in the Brazilian strategic surrounding areaAndrade, Israel de Oliveira; Leonardo Faria de Mattos, Andrea Cancela da Cruz-Kaled; Hillebrand, Giovanni Roriz Lyra
2019Brazilian social policy: Outcomes and dilemmasMatijascic, Milko
2019Productivity and youth engagement in Brazil: Assessing schooling and labor market decisionsFranca, Maíra; Foguel, Miguel Nathan; Costa, Joana Simões; Almeida, Rita
2019BRICS joint financial architecture: The New Development BankAcioly da Silva, Luciana
2019Distributive impacts of social security financing in BrazilSoares, Sergei; Bloch, Carolina
2019Effective rates of protection in Brazil: From 2000 to 2015Bloch, Carolina; Soares, Sergei
2019Deforestation and environmental policy: A DSGE approachPereira, Rodrigo Mendes; Góes, Geraldo Sandoval
2019Estimating a stylized fiscal policy DSGE model for BrazilPereira, Rodrigo Mendes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 257