Internet Policy Review: Journal on Internet Regulation, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

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2020 The crucial and contested global public good: principles and goals in global internet governanceHaugen, Hans Morten
2020 The regulation of abusive activity and content: a study of registries' terms of serviceSchwemer, Sebastian Felix
2020 Imminent dystopia? Media coverage of algorithmic surveillance at Berlin-SüdkreuzEireiner, Anna Verena
2020 Algorithmic systems: The consent is in the detail?Giannopoulou, Alexandra
2020 Double harm to voters: Data-driven micro-targeting and democratic public discourseBayer, Judit
2020 The emergent property marketCrowcroft, Jonathan
2020 Generation NeoTouch: How digital touch is impacting the way we are intimateWürth, Christine
2020 A new beginningEngelfriet, Arnoud
2020 Editorial: Four tales of sci-fi and information lawHelberger, Natali; Poort, Joost; Makhortykh, Mykola
2020 The storytellerDanielsen, James
2020 What is critical big data literacy and how can it be implemented?Sander, Ina
2020 A situated approach to digital exclusion based on life coursesFaure, Laura; Vendramin, Patricia; Schurmans, Dana
2020 Co-developing digital inclusion policy and programming with indigenous partners: Interventions from CanadaMcMahon, Rob
2020 What do digital inclusion and data literacy mean today?Carmi, Elinor; Yates, Simeon J.
2020 Data citizenship: Rethinking data literacy in the age of disinformation, misinformation, and malinformationCarmi, Elinor; Yates, Simeon J.; Lockley, Eleanor; Pawluczuk, Alicja
2020 Digital youth inclusion and the big data divide: Examining the Scottish perspectivePawluczuk, Alicja
2020 Back up: Can users sue platforms to reinstate deleted content?Kettemann, Matthias C.; Tiedeke, Anna Sophia
2019 Does everyone have a price? Understanding people's attitude towards online and offline price discriminationPoort, Joost; Zuiderveen Borgesius, Frederik J.
2019 Defining concepts of the digital societyKatzenbach, Christian; Bächle, Thomas Christian
2019 Technology, autonomy, and manipulationSusser, Daniel; Roessler, Beate; Nissenbaum, Helen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 171
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