Statistics in Transition New Series: An International Journal of the Polish Statistical Association, Exeley

ISSN: 2450-0291

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Spatial sampling methods modified by model useBąk, Tomasz
2021 Testing for a serial correlation in VaR failures through the exponential autoregressive conditional duration modelMałecka, Marta
2021 Bankruptcy prediction of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Poland based on the LDA and SVM methodsPtak-Chmielewska, Aneta
2021 Analysis of Polish mutual funds performance: a Markovian approachFilip, Dariusz; Rogala, Tomasz
2021 A Bayes algorithm for model compatibility and comparison of ARMA(p,q) modelsTripathi, Praveen Kumar; Sen, Rijji; Upadhyay, S.K.
2021 Estimating completion and breakoff functions in a business web surveyŽmuk, Berislav
2021 A dynamic MST-deltaCoVaR model of systemic risk in the European insurance sectorDenkowska, Anna; Wanat, Stanisław
2021 Estimation of the number of residents included in a population frameKrapavickaitė, Danutė
2021 Life expectancy in West African countries: Evidence of convergence and catching up with the northYaya, OlaOluwa S.; Otekunrin, Oluwaseun A.; Ogbonna, Ahamuefula E.
2021 Modelling and forecasting monthly Brent crude oil prices: a long memory and volatility approachAlـGounmeein, Remal Shaher; Ismail, Mohd Tahir
2021 Developing calibration estimators for population mean using robust measures of dispersion under stratified random samplingAudu, Ahmed; Singh, Rajesh; Khare, Supriya
2021 Extended residual coherence with a financial applicationZhang, Xuze; Kedem, Benjamin
2021 On the generalisation of Quatember's bootstrapŻądło, Tomasz
2021 A comparative study of a class of direct estimators for domain mean with a direct ratio estimator for domain mean using auxiliary characterKhare, Brij Behari; Ashutosh, Ashutosh; Rai, Piyush Kant
2021 A new family of robust regression estimators utilizing robust regression tools and supplementary attributesSajjad, Irsa; Hanif, Muhammad; Koyuncu, Nursel; Shahzad, Usman; Al-Noor, Nadia H.
2021 Interviewer allocation through interview-reinterview nested design for response error estimation in sample surveysFahmi, Fidan Mahmut; Ayhan, H. Öztaş; Batmaz, Ìnci
2021 Measurement of enterprise mobility among size classes, taking into account business demographyFerretti, Camilla
2021 Analysing the impact of dependency on conditional survival functions using copulasSafari-Katesari, Hadi; Zaroudi, Samira
2021 An application of a complex measure to model–based imputation in business statisticsMłodak, Andrzej
2021 Credibility of disability estimates from the 2011 population census in PolandGołata, Elżbieta; Dehnel, Grażyna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 287