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2022 FDI spillover effects on innovation activities of knowledge-using and knowledge-creating firms: Evidence from an emerging economyVujanović, Nina; Hoshi, Iraj; Hisarciklilar, Mehtap; Radošević, Slavo; Stojčić, Nebojša
2021 Breaking through the digital ceiling: ICT skills and labour market opportunitiesPichler, David; Stehrer, Robert
2021 Interactions between global value chains and foreign direct investment: A network approachAdarov, Amat
2021 How do corporate taxes affect international trade?Holzner, Mario; Jovanović, Branimir; Vukšić, Goran
2021 Do higher public debt levels reduce economic growth?Heimberger, Philipp
2021 Heterogeneous effects of nontariff measures on cross-border investments: Bilateral firm-level analysisAdarov, Amat; Ghodsi, Mahdi
2021 Impact of technical barriers to trade on the trade in goods in the information and communications technology sector: Differentiating by aim of the regulatory measureGhodsi, Mahdi
2021 Is ICT still polarising labour demand after the crisis?Pichler, David; Stehrer, Robert
2021 Source - assembly - sink: Value added flows in the global economyStehrer, Robert
2021 Exploring "non-tariff measures black box": Whose regulative NTMs on which products improve the imported quality?Ghodsi, Mahdi
2021 Net migration and its skill composition in the Western Balkan countries between 2010 and 2019: Results from a cohort approachLeitner, Sandra M.
2021 Migration from Africa, the Middle East and European neighbouring countries to the EU: An augmented gravity modelling approachMara, Isilda; Landesmann, Michael
2021 Interrelationships between human capital, migration and labour markets in the Western Balkans: An econometric investigationMara, Isilda; Landesmann, Michael
2021 Potential mobility from Africa, Middle East and EU neighbouring countries to EuropeMara, Isilda; Landesmann, Michael; Grieveson, Richard
2021 Firm profits and government activity: An empirical investigationJolakoski, Petar; Jovanović, Branimir; Madjoska, Joana; Stojkoski, Viktor; Tevdovski, Dragan
2021 A skill-specific dynamic labour supply and labour demand framework: A scenario analysis for the Western Balkan countries to 2030Leitner, Sandra M.
2021 Gender gaps in employment, wages, and work hours: Assessment of COVID-19 implicationsTverdostup, Maryna
2021 Economic sentiment indicators and foreign direct investment: Empirical evidence from European Union countriesCieślik, Andrzej; Ghodsi, Mahdi
2021 Labour taxes and international trade: The role of domestic labour value addedAdarov, Amat; Holzner, Mario; Jovanović, Branimir; Vukšić, Goran
2021 Do corporate tax cuts boost economic growth?Gechert, Sebastian; Heimberger, Philipp
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 213