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2024Can multinationals withstand growing trade barriers?Ghodsi, Mahdi; Vujanović, Nina; Landesmann, Michael
2024Which migrant jobs are linked with the adoption of novel technologies, robotisation, and digitalisation?Ghodsi, Mahdi; Stehrer, Robert; Barišić, Antea
2024Assessing the impact of new technologies on wages and labour income sharesGhodsi, Mahdi; Stehrer, Robert; Barišić, Antea
2024Technological push and pull factors of bilateral migrationGhodsi, Mahdi; Landesmann, Michael; Barišić, Antea
2023Employment effects of offshoring, technological change and migration in a group of Western European economies: Impact on different occupationsLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sandra M.
2023Functional specialisation and working conditions in EuropeStöllinger, Roman; Leitner, Sandra M.; Zavarska, Zuzana
2023Assessing digital leadership: Is the EU losing out to the US?Guarascio, Dario; Stöllinger, Roman
2023Regulatory convergence within technical barriers to tradeGhodsi, Mahdi
2023Structural change, income distribution and unemployment related to Covid-19: An agent-based modelSchütz, Bernhard; Reiter, Oliver; Landesmann, Michael; Jovanović, Branimir
2023Determinants of functional specialisation in EU countriesKordalska, Aleksandra; Olczyk, Magdalena
2023Who learns more from Afar? Spatial empirical evidence on manufacturing and servicesVujanović, Nina
2023The cyclical behaviour of government spending for social protection: Is the OECD methodology robust?Arsenev, Aleksandr; Heimberger, Philipp; Schütz, Bernhard
2023Migration drivers in carbonintensive regions in the EUJestl, Stefan; Römisch, Roman
2023State aid, R&D, and the digital content of tradeCastelli, Chiara; Guarascio, Dario; Jestl, Stefan; Stehrer, Robert
2023A comparative analysis of the social situation between carbon-intensive and noncarbon-intensive regionsTamilina, Larysa; Römisch, Roman
2023The labour market entry and integration of refugees and other migrants in AustriaJestl, Stefan; Tverdostup, Maryna
2023Labour market integration programmes for refugees in Austria: Do they really work and for whom?Mara, Isilda
2023Do interest-growth differentials affect fiscal policy? Evidence for advanced economiesHeimberger, Philipp
2023Occupational trajectories among refugees in Austria: The role of co-ethnic and austrian social networks in job searchLeitner, Sandra M.
2023Development of mental distress of refugees in Austria during their economic and social integration in 2017-2022Leitner, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 242