Volkswirtschaftliche Diskussionsbeiträge, Fachgruppe für Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität der Bundeswehr München

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2020 Equilibrium and convergence in personal income distribution? How European countries performed during a phase of huge economic turbulence (2004-2017)Guo, Yanling; Sell, Friedrich L.
2019 Innovationen, Imitationen und Differenzgewinne: Die Barone-Kurve im Kontext wirtschaftlicher EntwicklungSell, Friedrich L.
2019 Distributional effects of minimum wages: Can unions expect a double dividend? A theoretical exercise from a supply-side viewÖllinger, Michael; Ostermair, Christoph; Sell, Friedrich L.
2018 Implications of salience theory: Does the independence axiom always hold under uncertainty?Ostermair, Christoph
2018 Entering a foreign market: Exports, FDI or strategic alliance?Morasch, Karl
2018 Lessons from the money mania for money creationGuo, Yanling
2018 Ökonomische Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf den internationalen Wettbewerb und die internationale ArbeitsteilungBartholomae, Florian W.
2018 "Mismatch" in the labor market and inflation: An integrative model with lessons from the Spanish experiencePérez Trujillo, Manuel; Ruesga Benito, Santos; Sell, Friedrich L.
2017 Europäische Volkswirtschaften im Lichte der Kreislauftheorie der EinkommensverteilungSell, Friedrich L.; Öllinger, Michael
2017 Reward effects and incentive effects on the labor market: Empirical evidence for European countriesSell, Friedrich L.; Öllinger, Michael
2017 Economic effects of recent social and technological developmentsBartholomae, Florian W.
2017 On the distributional effects of minimum wages: A noteSell, Friedrich L.; Öllinger, Michael
2016 Can occupational norms foster cooperative behavior? An experimental study comparing cooperation by military officers and civiliansJohannemann, Kirsten; Morasch, Karl; Wiens, Marcus
2015 Towards equilibrium in income distribution: Theoretical background and empirical evidence for European countriesSell, Friedrich L.; Öllinger, Michael
2015 Offizier und Gentleman? Eine experimentelle Untersuchung berufsbezogener Normen am Beispiel des OffiziersWiens, Marcus; Johannemann, Kirsten; Morasch, Karl; Hofmann, Martin
2014 China's national production function since 1997: A reinvestigationZhu, Yanyuan; Feng, Xiao
2014 Anmerkungen zum Monopson am Arbeitsmarkt IISell, Friedrich L.; Ruf, Ernst K.
2013 Is the Eurozone not a monetary union, but an extraordinary exchange rate union?Sauer, Beate; Sell, Friedrich L.
2013 How do Beveridge and Phillips curves in the euro area behave under the stress of the world economic crisis?Sell, Friedrich L.; Reinisch, David C.
2013 Price effects of minimum wages: Evidence from the construction sector in East and West GermanyWerner, Thomas; Sell, Friedrich L.; Reinisch, David C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 60
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